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Joanne Retzler
Getting Old; Fighting It!
Getting Old; Fighting It!

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Hello All..... It has been forever since I have posted anything.  February!  I can't believe so much time has gone by without my posting something. This has been a difficult year.  And, tho I always found writing in my blog therapeutic, I guess I have to ad...

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I'm Back Again
Hello Everyone!      I am back after a rather long period of time, and I can't really tell you why!  I guess I just needed a break, and to be honest, the holidays were not that great for me this year.  Oh, I sent out gifts for the grandkids and family back ...

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Sunday Again
Hello All! Wouldn't you think that, as I am retired, a Sunday wouldn't be much different than any other day of the week.  But it is, for me.  Maybe because I have made it that way, in the Fall anyway.   For one thing,  football is back, and Sundays are for ...

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Hello All! I can't sleep tonite, and I am lying here with so much going thru my head.  I don't know what it is, but Autumn always makes me melancholy, remembering faces, moments, Autumn colors in Vermont, old ways, country roads, etc.  I made applesauce ton...

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Beef Stew
Hello All! And welcome to all of my followers out there.  It is so nice to see all of your blogs, and happenings too!  You are so creative and fun, and lovely.  I am so glad I found this blogging world, because I get to see so much that I would otherwise no...

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I was reminiscing this morning.  Even tho it rained overnight, it warmed up and the sun came out during the day.  And my love of Fall carries through anyway.  The air is really changing, as are the temperatures, and it was bringing fond memories of our life...

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What Is It??!
Hello all! Is it something in the air?  The weather is changing, and so the air is changing, and I respond to it!  I don't know what it is, but the air smells so fresh and feels so cool, (mornings and evenings),  but there  must be something else.   When Fa...

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August Already?
Here are some photos of my babies, who I absolutelyADORE!  They are getting bigger, and into more mischief, but they are just what I needed in my life.   They get along perfectly, and they are very attentive and loving to us.   We have had several family ga...

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Long Time, No See!
Hello out there!      I have been neglectful of my blog, I know!   I don't know where the time goes.  I know I have been cooking a lot,  handling dr. visits, and dental visits, and now, going to the Vet. I finally did something I have been talking about a l...

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Hello All! What a month or so we have had!  Surgery for a brother-in-law, a bad fall for my brother, gout for me, and carpal tunnel surgery and dentistry for my hubby, E.  Now recoveries for all, thank goodness.      But also, happy things, of course.  Gorg...
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