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As of October 1, 2011 Facebook Requires SSL for all Pages.
DON'T buy an SSL certificate for as much as $70!
Use GVO's Shared SSL to meet Facebook's SSL Requirement
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WHAT?!!!!! PEOPLE -- you don't buy anything to use SSL top a web page!!!!! You type https:// instead of http://, and usually THIS IS AUTOMATIC when you connect!!!!! Only the people who own the actual web site need to buy an SSL certificate!!!!
Exactly John.. As i own a website , This info will be usefull for some website owners still worrying about the SSL certificate.
You do not need to buy anything to use your computer with SSL -- it is automatic. The WEB SITE buys the SSL certificate: your browser picks up the necessary encryption key automatically without you buying anything. And any SSL certificates I need I get from for cheap.
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