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JJS LEE a/w 2015
Wishing I was at LFW instead of slaving through a 9am-6pm uni day and mountains of coursework is going to be all I can think about today. Alas, I must make do with trying to keep myself updated via instagram and the wonders of the internet. Sneakily caught ...

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Selfridges and the Unisexy
For six weeks, starting in March, Selfridges London will be ridding themselves of their perfectly organized men and women’s departments. In their place, they plan on creating a monstrous three-floor cornucopia of unisex clothing. Selfridges is a store that ...

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The line up // Inspiration
Video via The Line Up youtube channel Just a little bit of early week inspiration for you all! Although the outfits in this aren't exactly my cup of tea most of the time, they do such a great job of unisex outfits. Also, the fact that it features two outrag...

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London Collections Men highlights | Day one
Coach, and MAN shows. Monday.  Day one was perhaps not as successful - in my eyes - than previous years. Although I loved the Coach show, and elements of the MAN show, I found it difficult to feel inspired. Perhaps this was down to my lack of immersion in t...

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Any child will remember Spiderman, Batman, the Lone Ranger, and Zorro; heroes who were coveted more for the excitement of their anonymity perhaps than their skills in fighting crime. Reading avidly, eyes glued to the pages of a comic, or the cinema screen, ...

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Happy new year
Christoph Waltz via Apologies for my absence over the holiday period. I have exams in a week back at Uni, which is a rather unfestive way to spend my christmas and new year worrying about. However, I will be back soon with a plethora of masculine fe...

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Weekend inspiration
"The memory of things gone is important to a jazz musician" - Louis Armstrong I was asked a very challenging question the other day. It honestly made me stop and think for a long, long time. The question was part of an anoymous message on tumblr, a message ...

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Copying the Catwalk part 1
Transalting menswear from the catwalk into my wardrobe is never easy. I always like to think of this process as the "dick to chick" ensemble - the name of which I find highly amusing. Anyone else? - In which I try to copy aspects from various designers. Whi...

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A start
It feels very strange to be back on this blog again. After a crazy year full of new experiences, new people, new ideas, I've decided to make the move back into the blogging sphere. I miss writing a lot, and despite being at Uni now, I want to make this work...
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