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The late, great #WubboOckels: "The  problem is that Humanity needs to find a sustainable balance with its environment, with our home the planet Earth and its Nature. The answer is a new global awareness of Humanity, Nature and Earth as an inseparable entity.” #TedXAms

Do I really have to use Google+ too? Anyone out there want to comment on its value?

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Fresh almonds in #Tajrish #Tehran

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Does gamification trivialize or reveal the rules of the way the world already works? #humanrights 
Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more entertaining and interactive.  With advances in technology and a sharp rise in smartphone users, cause-based initiatives have increasingly taken up the gamification trend so as to better engage with a mass audience.  But does wider engagement on human rights through gaming tools help or hurt the cause?

To discuss this, we'll be joined in the hangout by:

Navid Khonsari
New York based Navid Khonsari continues blazing trails in the video game, graphic novel and film industries. Navid was one of the original pioneers that merged live action films with animated video game cinematics. He was part of the team at Rockstar Games that developed the cinematic look and feel for the groundbreaking video game series Grand Theft Auto.  Also under his belt are such iconic titles as Max Payne, The Warriors, Midnight Club, Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver, Alan Wake and Homefront. He launched iNK Stories, a film and gaming studio that has released the award winning documentaries Pindemonium and Pulling John. iNK Stories is now soaring to new heights with Navid's highly publicized and ground breaking new project, 1979: THE REVOLUTION, a hybrid of a motion graphic novel and an action adventure game that is based on real life events that took place during the 1979 revolution in Iran.

Follow him on Twitter @iNKStories.

Ronik is a creative design and development studio that transforms their partners’ ideas into successful digital products. Powered by award-winning designers and developers, Ronik has created powerful digital platforms that provide visual storytelling for cause-based issues.  Recent projects include Dadaab Stories, an interactive, multimedia documentary project charting everyday life in the world’s largest refugee camp, and Unlock Iran, a campaign to raise awareness about the hundreds of prisoners who have been jailed for their lifestyle, beliefs or profession in Iran. 

Follow them on Twitter @RonikDesign. 

Firuzeh Mahmoudi
Firuzeh Mahmoudi is the Executive Director of United for Iran. After witnessing the 2009 uprising in Iran, Mahmoudi organized a global day of solidarity that turned out to be the largest day of global support for Iran in history. Five years later, United for Iran is an independent non-profit continuing to press for freedom, dignity and human rights in Iran. 
Firuzeh's developed and ran the Vote for Zahra Campaign where citizens were given the option to vote for “Zahra”, a fictional candidate in the Iranian 2013 presidential elections running on a human rights and democracy platform. The campaign drew widespread support from dozens of organizations and Nobel Peace Laureates and thousands of individuals internationally. 
Follow them on Twitter @United4Iran.

Gissou Nia 
Gissou Nia is the spokeswoman of the Unlock Iran campaign and executive director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC), a non-profit, non-partisan organization that has documented human rights abuses inside Iran for more than a decade.  Prior to her tenure at IHRDC, Gissou worked on war crimes and crimes against humanity trials at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands.  She lectures and publishes extensively on human rights and international criminal law developments.

Follow her on Twitter @GissouNia, @IHRDC and @UnlockIran. 

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My piece on Global Voices on election celebrations.

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AZADI: Songs of Freedom for Iran
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