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Gena Beck
Worked at Haeger Incorp.
Attended Modesto Junior College
Lives in Sacramento, CA
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  • Haeger Incorp.
    ?, 2010 - 2014
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Sacramento, CA
  • Modesto Junior College
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I am new to the area and wanted to get my acrylic nails done with shellac/gel polish. The lady that did my nails insisted that I remove the acrylic. As she did she gouged out my natural nail so badly that I started bleeding in the middle of my nail. Took 3 months for it to grow out. I spent $50 dollars for her to torture me and to have a weak nail for three months. I will never go there again and recommend that you don't either.
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I had a typical auto repair shop visit. Typical in that the Mechanic didn’t care about fixing my car and the Management was trying to take all my money. My P.T. Cruiser’s Check Engine Light came on. I got an oil change at Jiffy Lube and the Technician said that the Cam Shaft Code came up. After clearing the code from my car the Check Engine Light came back on. Another visit said it was the same code. I had been noticing that the Temp Gauge would spike to red, fall all the way down and not register the temp for a period of time and then start working again. Also randomly my car would not start or stay on (the engine running). But if I would pump the gas and/or wait a few minutes and my car would start. So I took it to Tom’s Smog and Automotive Shop. The first visit the Manager said that my Temp Sensor was blown, $151.00 for parts and labor. But I got my car back within the day. I thought I got a good deal. The later the same day the Check Engine Light came back on again and I noticed the Temp Gauge do the spiking thing again. The next day I took my car in. $40.00 for the Socket for the Temp Gauge, is that even a part in my car? This is starting to stink but I am a single parent and I need my car. So I pay. Later that day, again the Check Engine Light comes on and the Temp Gauge spikes again. The next day take my car in, and the next, and the next. This is 5 days in a row that the Shop has my car. On the fifth day the Manager says that it is the ECM, the computer for my car. Estimated cost $800.00, but they haven’t even fixed my car liked they claimed on the first day. Got feed up and told them that I would be taking my car to the dealership. Yes, I would pay a lot more, but at least I know they will fix my car. Four days later, my car won’t start at all. Called AAA and the Tow Truck driver said that he had a similar issue with his vehicle. Took me to his friend’s Chris’ Garage, yes he is a mechanic. Come to find out that it was my spark plugs. Explain to me how after having my car five days in a row, a “Mechanic” would not think to look at my engine and check the spark plugs. This screams to me either the “Mechanic” at Tom’s Smog is lazy, incompetent, and/or greedy. The Management obviously knows because “FIVE DAYS,” this is just ridiculous. So based on my experience, DON’T GO THERE, even if you tell them exactly what work you want done to your car. There is no guarantee that they have done the work when you pay the bill.
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