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You could some what disappear into it its somewhat secluded.  }

cant find it cant spell directors name cannot remember exact year made 2000 something }jw

She stated you had other places to look: if you call me back.....}thank you. And thank you melissa and thank you for taking my numbers for the waiiting list} I{ came here to work on this house with my aunt she sold her other house. I lived int he house that was being worked on for 6 months I rented it from her my belongings were in san luis valley.  How do you make your living?: This is my income: 1300mo, that is what my income is at the state.  My personal income as it increases some of this other may decrease however my insurence will remain the same because I am disabled:handicap because of condition cant drive right now, it took 5 years.  I can make 2000$ per  mo before I loose financial income, If I sell art say an example: 2000$ a piece, my income goes up 166$ per mo, as sales increase monthly income increases. We scan the receipts with the money orders or we allow them to deposit into another account which is also monitorable audit by the state.  I do not take personal checks, no.}JW

Wht did you like about what you looked at today?: no window in the bathroom, cant climb in the windows, onsite manager and laundry internet included locked building entry utilities included parking bad but im not driving right now because of my illness}JW:hat did you find where?: nothing yet its like the 5th application and 2 in row. Looked at 26 properties and over 40 locations in 2 weeks} I am applying for more studio space, so there would not be so much art making in this place not largerpieces, I work in 6 studio classes 3 studios soon to be only 2 studios as classes change, mostly wellness and yoga, a place to drop off safely eat and sleep art auction and film showings soon, performances are being looked at, dont know full details and im the owner. No mam Ive not owned a car in colorado or anywhere since 1999, ive driven some but no, the air quality}JW

The girl had laid there a while probably 8 hours or something, her vitals were off and people came to get her from alamosa to take her to the ER she needed xrays then, 2011, vitals were stoping and starting again, thats how they figured it out, he thought something about the medication I was on and had been on, but we dont know.'} JOAN THEY THOUGHT THEY KILLED ME BROKE MY NECK AND RAPED ME THAT WOULD MAKE IT THE THIRD VIOLATION OTHER THAN MYS TEP FATHER, its what it looks like i am an d I can order tha t report from saquache.  This other place secure entry. Its mostly the way the lession is shape and size is not conclusive to a broken neck by a person, therefore I was mostly over the course of the previousl several months 8 or 9 upon looking at the xray, do not see it as a person broke it, like it does not look like that, I am going in for the yearly MRI, in a few weeks we will see . Every year unless determined emergency I am confined to Xrays, but im glad we have them.}JW

im confined so I have to alert you in person:fuck you!KISSMYASS! re:doug}:on mothersday that will be done. Addressed communicated that quickly and over  and thats how it was.

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