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Like learning another language, knowing how to read music takes time and practice. Let us help you broaden your understanding. 

Learning rhythm is not only important for music, but for reading as well. Give us a call to learn more 770-629-2229 

We offer a variety of Professional Workshops for educators, music enthusiast and more. Contact us today at 678-629-2229 

Learning music can help your child express their emotions. Let us help your child learn how to express themselves in other forms. 

Do you change the music channel when you children are in the car? 

Fast, upbeat music can lift our spirits! What song will get you singing at the top of your lungs in the car? 

Children are naturally drawn rhythm. We create a comfortable environment where they are free to express and explore their creativity. 

Music can actually equip children to better express themselves and their ideas. Visit our website to learn more: 

At Music Schools International, musical excellence is the standard source of inspiration. Visit our website: 

Music is a way of knowing is much a basic life skill as walking or talking. Let us help your child get started, contact us today. 
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