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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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Soon two hours late to boarding. They are now power cycling the plane, which apparently means to leave it without power for 30 minutes.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

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Oh, lovely! Let's just hope that's never needed mid-air...
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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The last few days I've been looking at Linux distribution default installations.
The default security settings are abysmal.

None ship with functional security updates by default.
None ask to enable automatic security updates by default.
Even when you install some kind of auto-updater they don't have useful defaults. At best they will notify you about updates if you log in.
At worst they will no-op because they don't ship with default configuration.
At least one distribution recommends an unsupported upgrade tool in its documentation.

The state of the default operating systems stinks.

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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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Något för +Malin Berg och fler ME/RPG-fantaster.
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Om ett år, ungefär, är det tänkt att du ska spela det ;P
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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Right, I need to vent a bit again. Warning, the below text will contain ASN.1, x509 and text encodings. It is not suitable for children or developers who for some reason aren't allowed to consume alcohol.

I got a mail yesterday, from a customer, which included a lovely stacktrace:
> Bad subject: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xd6 in position 0: invalid continuation byte.

So. Something that should be utf-8 isn't utf-8.  It turns out that this customer was on a mac.

OS X has defaulted to utf-8 for the whole platform since the start. Everything there is unicode, so it seems strange that something coming out of a mac would NOT be unicode.
It turns out that this really was the case.  On OS X, the system supplied config file for openssl (The command line utility) explicitly prohibits the output of utf8.
This is a setting that has been changed in upstream openssl for several years, and that defaults to "utf8only" output.   But not Apple.
Apple as said denies output of utf8, and anything that should be utf8, like any string or domainname that includes unicode, will be forcibly degraded into the venerable T.61 text encoding standard.

Note that T.61 is obsolete, and was obsoleted back in 1994 when they withdrew the updated version of it, in favour of unicode.
In fact, openssl states that the reason to not create certificates with utf8 is that "really ancient" versions of Netscape crashed.
How Ancient are those?  Well, we're talking "Before Netscape 2.x"  

So. Thank you Apple.

And for anyone who tries to create SSL certificates on a Mac, you want to change that config file.
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What is that "Netscape" you're talking about?
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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iOS 9 release notes:
Available for: iPhone 4s and later,
iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later
Impact: An attacker in a local LAN segment may disable IPv6 routing
Description: An insufficient validation issue existed in handling of
IPv6 router advertisements that allowed an attacker to set the hop
limit to an arbitrary value. This issue was addressed by enforcing a
minimum hop limit.
CVE-2015-5869 : Dennis Spindel Ljungmark
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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I wrote an example daemon in python that uses systemd's notify+watchdog support.

Showing off Systemd Watchdog in Python
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Haha.  There ought to be english in there somewhere. :)
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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As an outsider visiting Kenya, I’m constantly amazed by the informal entrepreneurship of the many people I came across. Whether it is born out of necessity or brilliance, it’s a good and positive feature which has some downsides.
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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This is Excellent reading about the work that goes into all layers of the stack to turn Fedora into a proper workstation.
Pay attention to the xdg-app part. Desktop Containers.
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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When rockers Disturbed put out their latest album, Immortalized, in August, fans weren’t surprised at all when the news came that the band had notched up yet another accolade: Its fifth No. 1 debut in a row. The release, Disturbed’s first in five years, contained a notable cover of Simon & Garfunkel’
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Many do ☺
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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A reminder to all my friends.
Disable and Uninstall AVG antivirus ASAP.
Do not allow your relatives to run AVG.
AVG should now be considered spyware
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Yep. MS has been okay in that regard.
And Google most certainly knows a ton. But they aren't reporting from inside chrome yet.
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D.Spindel Ljungmark

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The best camera is the one you have with you.
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Nice beer on the balcony.
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One of the most amazing places I've been at.
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