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Genealogy Research & Assistance - D.R. "Doc" Young
Genealogy Research, May I Find your Ancestor or Answer a Question?
Genealogy Research, May I Find your Ancestor or Answer a Question?

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DNA Lineage Blaschko (Blaskow), Eaton, Pereira Cardozo (Perry), Shaughnessy, and Wilson

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 "There are not Enough Hours in a Day for Genealogy Research - That is Why it Takes Years to Learn Who What Where When and Why if you are wanting to know"  I am here to assist

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Why Some Research Documents are Difficult to Transcribe or Read for Indexing - a short slideshow (auto or manual advance)

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A Sad Day is around the corner, as I received the following from Ancestry . com is continuing our efforts to improve the search experience across and will be making changes to our search functionality in the upcoming months.  Some features will be added and some will be discontinued.  As part of the 2% of our subscribers that use the old search function on the site,  we know that you are passionate about the search experience on and we are reaching out to you to get input on potential improvements.

To identify which areas of the experience we should focus on this year, we have drawn on customer input, usage data, usage patterns and our old search function for inspiration.  From all of that, we are looking at making your time on more productive by improving these areas of the search experience 
in 2013:

  * More relevant search results with the best results at the top
  * Easier refining and control of your search results
  * Keeping a better history of the work you have done
  * Publishing more new content and more corrections to existing content
  * Performance improvements to return results faster

As we begin to make these improvements, we will no longer maintain two separate search systems for the site.  Maintaining two systems limits the resources we can use to make improvements and increases the complexity of every improvement we try to make.  Additionally, continuing to maintain the two systems limits our ability to direct more investment into other areas like adding more record collections and correcting existing collections.

Based on that, as a part of the work this year we will be bringing together the two search experiences into a single search experience on  We hope  to bring forward the best features of both the old and new search systems into the consolidated experience to facilitate the transition for our users and to improve the overall search experience.  We expect to discontinue the old search function as a separate experience within the next 6 months.

My comment: Many Researchers decline to use Ancestry, because of the difficulty in understanding how Ancestry works, even FamilySearch . org having made changes leaves Researchers scratching their Heads, you almost need a degree in Genealogeometry like Trigonometry only this video or series of video's, take the course titled  "I Can Learn Your Website in only 8 months" 

I easily have 50,000 hours over 20 years invested in Genealogy Research, I have used Ancestry's site since May 2004, I am always learning....however your Research may encounter another type of Block-wall, Barriers of the Cyber Kind, as I call it Sailing the Internet, not now Ancestry is pulling the plug on me of their Old Search Method...BTW, I am Old giving to the New Era of Genealogy Research in the 21st took me 12 yrs just to find my Paternal Grandmother, with my Uncle & Father in the 1930 census.  And even sadder since the 1940 census was indexed and available to Search, I still have not found my G-Mother, Uncle & Father in 1940.  I doubt I have 12 years left.

Happy Researching 

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I am of Hungarian, Portuguese (Azores), Irish, English & Scottish Descent, with over 20 yrs research experience.

Can I help you find an Ancestor/Descendant, answer Questions about Genealogy Research or in need of Assistance ?
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