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Education Guru, Evangelist of the Unrealistic, Speaker & Coach

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Come Gen Con, LotFP will have published 8 new titles this year (counting the RECG new edition here), plus four titles have been reprinted, plus 2018's new shirt.

I want to get to 10 new titles for the year, even if I have to cheat to do it. There are a number of projects that could go to press this year still, but who knows.

So I'm looking for two smaller projects, think Single Small Cut or Tales of the Scarecrow, that can be turned around promptly without the major project hassle.


Can you write and playtest and deliver a potential final draft of say 3500-6000 words by the end of August?

Have you not ever written for LotFP before?

Can you do a project which fits LotFP's 1630s-but-with-weird-shit-at-the-edges setting and the strange macabre tone?

Are you willing to work for no advance but 50% of all profits on the project?

Then send a project pitch to with the subject line FAST PITCH.

I'm looking for ideas that set my brain on fire that are written in a way that lets me know you know your way around a keyboard.

I'll start reviewing pitches next Wednesday, so you have through Tuesday to submit. I can answer questions here in the comments when I have time during this period (on a short holiday right now).

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if any of you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, the 3rd year of the event I put together kicks off tomorrow. For being an almost exclusive RPG event of mostly non D&D/Pathfinder/Star Wars games, in a highly competitive gaming convention market (we have 6 game conventions, 1 video game/tabletop/everything con, and at least a half dozen other pop culture cons where gaming is a thing) our attendance at just over 330 unique badges tells me that people are getting into indie games. Most of my inspiration comes from this group. i mainly lurk, but I wanted to give a shout out to all of you for helping inspire me to make a thing that people seem to like.

If you're in town, stop by and say hi, mention you're part of the Gauntlet and I'll hook up a big discount on a badge.
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Only six days until Z-Day (Tuesday, July 17th)... the launch of our new Kickstarter for Zombie World, a card-based roleplaying game that throws you and your friends into a zombie apocalypse!

Check out the preview here:

I'm really excited about Zombie World for a whole bunch of reasons:

- Zombie World is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse engine (Urban Shadows, Masks, etc) but it uses cards instead of dice, allowing us to put a whole rpg (rulebook/cards/sheets) into a small box

- Character creation takes just minutes, and you can jump into the zombie apocalypse with a whole big group (up to six or eight) with minimal prep

- It's the first game (!) I've designed with my fellow Magpie, +Brendan Conway, the creator of The Last Days of Anglekite and Masks: A New Generation

- Marissa Kelly and Mirco Paganessi put together some amazing art for the game, and Miguel Ángel Espinoza did a bunch of amazing layout (with help from +Sarah Richardson)

- There's a bite deck that doesn't get reshuffled until someone gets bit... making it one of the most tense mechanics I've ever seen in an rpg

So let us know what you think! And I hope you'll back the project when it launches next week on Tuesday, July 17th!
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Harlem Unbound has been nominated for multiple ENnie Awards and voting has opened to the public. This is my company Darker Hue Studios’ first product and one with a lot of personal history and importance to me. While it is an honor just to be nominated, it would be great to WIN!

Can you please take a couple of minutes to vote for Harlem Unbound? Voting is open from July 11, 2018 - July 21, 2018.

Harlem Unbound is nominated in the following categories. Vote for each category and rank Harlem Unbound #1:

👉Best Art, Cover
👉Best Rules
👉Best Setting
👉Best Writing
👉Product of the Year

#gaming #ennies #harlemunbound #diversity
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Less than 9 hours to get in on the Apocalypse World +3 @BundleHolding. You can pick up a bunch of awesome Magpie titles pretty cheap (Urban Shadows, Bluebeard's Bride, Velvet Glove) as well as Monsterhearts 2 by +Avery Alder and Undying by Paul Riddle!
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It's a new episode of +1 Forward! This one's led by the amazing +Rach Shelkey, and we talk about Making MC Moves.

1:53 - What are Moves?
4:50 - Move Triggers
5:17 - Trigger 1: Failed PC Moves
7:38 - Trigger 2: The Players' Expectant Look
15:40 - Trigger 3: The Golden Opportunity
19:00 - Choosing Moves from your Big List
25:22 - MC Moves and Planning Ahead
29:03 - Move Stockpiling?
31:40 - What to Do When You Can't Figure out What Move to Use?
Making MC Moves
Making MC Moves
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It's here! The Book of Lore has arrived...
Love Bluebeard's Bride? Love dark fairy tales that send shivers up your spine? Check out the Book of Lore, our newest supplement for Bluebeard's Bride!
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The Immortal Emerges!

There are some who have been cursed by gods or blessed by devils to walk this earth knowing neither disease nor age. They are immortals, fated to toy with the mortals whose lives remind them of their eternally delayed demise.

After a long wait, we've finished The Immortal playbook, complete with specific MC advice on how to handle The Immortal's schemes. This digital only playbook is available right now through DTRPG:

Thanks again to all our Kickstarter backers and G+ community members for their support. It's been wonderful to have such a great play community! Enjoy The Immortal!

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My GenCon gaming peeps!

Wanna hear what +Jerry Grayson, +Eloy Lasanta, +Anna Meade, +Jason Pitre, & myself have to say about RPG Design and Publishing for New Creators? Come to our panel Thursday at 10 am, SEM18131610, and bring your design through publishing questions for us!

Here's the link:
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