Can you please read this and tell me your opinion, if u feel like it was racism because myself and MANY others do because my fiancé is African American, I myself white, and our baby's are mixed.
I know you all can't help us but is there ANYWAY you could point me in the right direction so we can get some help? My name's Patricia Thomas. We're a Homeless family of 7 due to a house fire. We have 5 daughter's ages 6,5,2,1, and 8 weeks old. Here's our story, I feel like it was negligence and something different could've and should've been done the first time to prevent the loss of our explain our situation a little, we had a grease fire but my fiancé, Michael and some other men who were by the road in front of the house watching the MLK Jr parade, helped him get it out before the fire dept got there and all was fine, or so we thought. When the fire department got there they walked in with Michael and went to the kitchen area where the grease fire was and touched the ceiling and said there was a hotspot in the kitchen ceiling, the fire chief then asked Michael if we had a attic and told another fireman to go get the ladder. The Chief, then sticks his head in the attic, comes down, and says "whoo, it's smokey as I don't know what up there" but all they did was put a big fan in the front door to blow the smoke out and said smoke in the attic was from grease fire and all was fine and cleared us to go back in the house! Michael asked the fire chief 3 times, "so you're telling me if my pregnant fiancé, 4 kid's, and myself go back in the house and lay down and go to sleep everything will be ok?" the fire chief said "yea everything's fine" all 3 times. So Michael, took pictures of the little damage it caused, which was the wall behind the stove, the cabinets over the stove,and smut on the ceiling and walls, sent them pictures to his mom because she works at Lowe's and could tell us what we needed to fix the damage and clean the smut with. Our daughter's and myself were going to stay at the house while Michael went to Lowe's, which was about 35 minutes away, I was 9 months pregnant and sleepy, so our daughter's and myself were going to take a nap while Michael went to Lowe's, but something told me get the baby's and go with him, so we bathed, got dressed, and left which mean the 40 or 45 minutes we were in the house making phone calls and getting dressed the house was still burning and we were all inhaling the smoke and didn't even know it! While Michael, was in Lowe's our neighbors started calling his phone back to back saying the house is blazing, flames were coming out the roof in the back of it, so we rushed to get back home only to find out from our Neighbors that when Fire Department first got there they were poking holes in the side of the house, and busting windows out. They already knew that a 9 month pregnant woman with 4 kid's stayed there from the first fire, so them not knowing for sure if we was in the house or not i believe the door is the FIRST place they should've went since we were cleared BY THEM and told everything was ok and had cleared us to go back in the house, but instead from what I was told they didn't take the ax to the door until 30 minutes of being there! If my baby's and myself would've stayed there we would've NEVER known anything, the smoke would've killed us before the fire would've even got to us! The neighbor's also said they left in the middle of fighting the fire, they said they had to go get water, neighbors also took pictures of the fire, they even got pictures showing a fireman just standing outside our fence in the neighbor's yard, watching the fire and nobody spraying water! They even had to be called back out a 3rd time because the fire had started back AGAIN in the ceiling! We didn't have insurance, we had just paid cash for the house October last year and was going to get insurance when income tax came. This should be a wakeup call for ANYBODY, that doesn't have insurance on their house! This could happen to anybody and we're proof of that, we never thought something like this would EVER happen to us. ALL our hopes, dreams, & memories GONE, up in smoke! :( Exactly 1 week after the fire a tornado came thru where we went to stay, & 4 days after that I went into preterm labor at 36 weeks. But thanks to God we're all here, we're alive, and breathing! Thank you for your time reading our story and may God bless you.
Most respectfully your's,
Patricia L. Thomas
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