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Jackson Pope
Software developer, board game designer, wannabe guitarist, board games & comics fan and failed board game publishing entrepreneur.
Software developer, board game designer, wannabe guitarist, board games & comics fan and failed board game publishing entrepreneur.

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Hand-Crafting Games
So I mentioned in my last post that I'm thinking of making hand-made games again. It's been a long time since I properly made hand-made games, so I thought I'd post on how I go about hand-crafting a game. It starts by getting the cards professionally printe...

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Unique, Hand-Made Games
I've been thinking more and more about making games again and, in particular, returning to the glory days of Reiver Games when I made games by hand, selling out of print runs within a year. The first couple of years of Reiver Games were very successful by a...

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More End Game Ideas
Last week was fairly busy, but I did manage to make it along to Newcastle Playtest after missing March (and possibly February?). It was a great night with a good turn out and plenty of games to try out. I ended up just playing my own games: initially a five...

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Lots of Gaming!
It's been a fairly busy week again, with loads of gaming, if not much design and playtesting. March has been my joint best month (with last May when I went  Beer and Pretzels with Terry) since I was stuck at home on my own during my radioactive period in Ja...

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All Good Things...
It's been a hectic and pretty stressful week at work, but once all the visitors left I managed to get another playtest of Codename: Vacuum in at the end of the week with Ian, who played it last week too. We played exactly the same version (though with diffe...

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It's All Go!
Another busy week. This time it's been Codename: Vacuum, Zombology and crazy ideas. I didn't have any travel this week, so I managed to get a lunchtime playtest in with Ian on the new version of Vacuum. I'd made a bunch of changes since the fairly broken pl...

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Ding, Ding, Round 2!
After testing the new version of Codename:Vacuum a couple of weeks ago , I clearly needed to make a raft of minor changes. The game was so broken that the rules were evolving as we played (always a bad sign!), but I was generally pretty happy with the new v...

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Gaming Extravaganza
It's been a great week for my gaming. Monday went exactly to plan with me printing and cutting out all 350 cards for new Codename:Vacuum, and hand-scrawling a quick board too - for the first time in two years I had a Vacuum prototype. Admittedly, Monday end...

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Back in Boston: Naked but Productive
Oh, so not naked exactly, but unclothed. I spent last week in Boston, MA for work. I lived in Boston for the winter of 2000/01 and hadn't been back since. Despite many trips through Boston (my employer's head office is about 40 miles outside Boston), I'd no...

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Concrete Progress
I'm off to Boston this week for work (posting this from the airport!) so it's been a busy few days, but I've not let that get in the way of progress. Last week I was mostly focused on implementing some of the things recommended by my German language app bet...
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