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Hi all, this is the first time I post in the community and I'd like to share my ideas for my first campaign of Shadow of the Demon Lord: I would really appreciate if you can give me suggestions and hints on how to make it better. The outline is just the general plan for the campaign as I'm pretty sure the players will find their own path (as it happened in every single campaign that I've ever run LOL ).

Any player in my group (Palazzago) should avoid reading on...

Blighted Lands

Starting (Level 0)

(Adventure 01) the group is traveling in the woods when they are attacked by beastmen and wolves: it seems like the wolves are exceptionally ferocious and the characters must run through the forest to get to the nearest town.

Novice (Level 1 - 2)

(Adventure 02) A small plague hits the town: it causes weakness in healthy mortals, but it kills old and weakened people. As it happens the town minister orders quarantine and when a critically wounded Warden comes to town the group is called to check what happened. The Warden says she has found the Great Circle (the ruling council of Druids) destroyed, all its members killed or missing: the group is sent to investigate the ruined circle and the characters discover a Druid is behind the plague.

(Adventure 03) Back in town the situation is worsening and the Mather of the Temple asks the characters to go and find some ingredients she hopes will help preparing a cure. As the group dangers the woods once again striking against beastmen and wolves, the ingredients are recovered, but at the end the plague seems to be resistant to the cure.

Expert (Level 3 - 6)

(Adventure 04) As the plague spreads even further the town the characters are living into is struck by a gruelling discovery: the a body is found mangled and quartered in the streets. It seems like a skinchanger is taking advantage of the situation to sate its hunger and the characters must stop the beast before it becomes another crisis.

(Adventure 05) Plague and licanthopy are not good for town stability and a mob starts tearing the place apart while the city watch struggles to uphold the law: the characters are dispatched to restore the order and they discover a cult of the Void behind the madness. It is now clear madmen and cultists are claiming the plague to be the End of Times.

(Adventure 06) The Warden is back and she tells the characters a group of renegade Druids is slaughtering all Druids, who do not join the sect. As the situation is getting dire, she shares with them the secret of a druidic fortress where the order kept all their secrets: the characters brave the ruined keep, which is now controlled by the renegades and there they find out the same plague was banished centuries ago by the High Druid using the power of the unicorn's horn.

(Adventure 07) Armed with the new knowledge the group has to track down and potentially kill an unicorn: this quest brings them against the Elves, who are immune to the plague and who don't want mortals to hunt their beautiful beasts. Unfortunately it appears that without the power of the High Druid the horn is enough only to prepare an healing potion of limited power so it is possible to cure someone, but not to stop the pandemic.

Master (Level 7 - 10)

(Adventure 08) TO BE DECIDED

(Adventure 09) TO BE DECIDED

(Adventure 10) The group has finally discovered the location of the Druid leading the renegades and the characters battle him, an Elf named Winter Wolf. Defeating the Druid is the first step in ending the plague, but the Heart of Illness, an artifact found in his possession, must be destroyed or it will be the end.

(Adventure 11) The Heart of Illness needs to be returned to the Void and (I'm still looking for an awesome way to destroy the artifact, potentially opening a rift causing the fight with a Demon).

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