Funny title: how do you live with something extinct??? But this study argues that North Americas co-existed with large extinct mammals about 13,000 years ago, including mammoths, mastodons and giant ground sloths.

To set the stage: the last Ice Age - the Wisconsin glaciation - began in about 70,000 BC. The oldest known cave paintings date back to 32,000 BC. The glaciers reached their maximum extent about 18,000 BC, with ice sheets in America down to what are now the Great Lakes. In places the ice was over 1.6 kilometers thick! Then it started warming up. By 16,000 BC people in Eurasia started cultivating plants and herding animals. The first known people in the Americas date back to about 11,500 BC - they're called the Clovisculture. By about 10,000 BC the Ice Age had ended.
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