Alright everyone, our first attempt at Chromecast support is available as an alpha build. First, I'd like to put out a disclaimer. This app requires Koush's AllCast app. You can download that here:

However, according to one of Koush's recent posts (, Google's last update to Chromecast intentionally breaks AllCast. So this may not even work in the not too distant future if you've already accepted this update.

That said, the TV Portal Beam will still work with Cheapcast as well as beaming content to your computer. 

In order to opt in to help alpha test the app, please join our TV Portal Community on Google+ (

After you've joined our Google+ Community, click the following link and you should be able to start helping us test our alpha build of TV Portal Beam. Please note it may take a while for the app to be available for you to download. I uploaded the APK at approximately 1645 US EST. So give that a few hours please.


Tons of things are probably going to go wrong, and we'll set up a place for you to report all the bugs you find, but bear with me as this is the first time I've used this testing program through the Play Store.

One final note: After we've made performance more consistent, we will be redesigning this app to follow Android Design Guidelines. We understand it doesn't look great, but right now that isn't the point. Thanks for understanding.

1) Join this G+ Community:

2) Click this link to opt into alpha test:

3) Download AllCast here:

4) Realize Google may have ruined everything already with an update to Chromecast. Explanation here:

5) Bear with us and get creative with trying to find a way to make this work.

Here goes nothing... 

This is a copy / paste from our G+ and Facebook pages. My apologies for any redundancies. 
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