If you aren't familiar with The Scott Treatment by +Scott Scowcroft, pay attention... This is a fantastic way to pull a segment out of a HOA and create content that stands on its own two feet.

This clip was from last week's discussion with +David Amerland about why he does his Sunday Read. Thank you Scott for featuring us!
*5-11-14 DTST: David's Sunday Read"

.      *Daily The SCOTT Treatment: David's Sunday Read*
EDIT: Today's Sunday Read: The Elixir of Eternal Youth
Semantic Search author +David Amerland has gained quite a following not only for his books on social media, search and now hangouts on air, but also his weekly "Sunday Read." In this Google Plus Spotlight conversation, David discusses some of the motivation and philosophy behind his weekly commentaries.

Program Originators: +Stephan Hovnanian & +Ben Fisher 
Series Title: Google Plus Business Spotlight
Episode Title: G+ Business Spotlight - David Amerland
Event Page url: http://bit.ly/1itV0cQ
Air Date: May 7th, 2014

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Google+ Business Spotlight (5/7/2014)
This week we welcome +David Amerland to talk about how it all comes together...hangouts, semantic search, content curation, building relationships, and so much more using Google Plus.

Nobody does this better than David, so if you or someone you know is trying to figure out how to make Google+ work for them, this is a show they need to watch.

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