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Elizabeth Richardson
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids

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I've been working as a self employed web designer, content creator, successfully published author & photographer since 2009. I LOVE what I do.

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IT’S TIME TO ENJOY LIFE MORE … to smell the flowers, to bask in the sunshine, to soak up the atmosphere, to breathe deeply the freshest of air … to laugh about nothing, to find beauty in contrast, to sense the true essence of others, to relax and remember that the world will keep turning, the birds will keep singing, my heart will keep beating whether I do this now, or not. ~ ER

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What you think about me is irrelevant. What I think about MYSELF is everything.

Just because someone reacts strongly or suddenly drops out of my life when I’m feeling really good doesn’t mean I’ve done something wrong … quite the contrary. It can also mean I’ve just stepped up a level and we’re not a vibrational match at the moment.

Being “true to myself” is the most powerful gift I can give to the world. ~ ER

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Resting in perfect awareness, that what I want is already here. ~ ER

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to be open to receiving their own answers,
to reach their own truth,
to build their own bridges,
to find their own way,
to soothe them into loving themselves more,
to listen to the guidance from their own soul.

We all know when something feels good or not. Each individuals feelings are the best guidance of all. ~ ER

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I NEVER WALK AWAY FROM ANYTHING … Instead I decide to walk towards something so much more inspiring, fun, exciting, wholesome, peaceful, aligned, happy, magnetic, passionate, delicious, stimulating or exhilarating instead. YES! ~ ER

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The best way I have ever known to overcome the pain when someone has hurt me, is to open my heart again and allow love to flow anyway!

Even if I don’t understand what happened.
Even if I attracted something unwanted.
Even if I’d like an apology.
Even if I deserve something better.

I came to this planet to love, it feels really good to love and love is who I am. ~ ER

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Life keeps improving, technology keeps, advancing, the universe keeps expanding, bodies keep adapting, nature keeps evolving … so it makes perfect sense to look forward, to the next delightful surprise that will show up to please you too. ~ ER

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I FOUND WAYS TO UPLIFT MY SPIRITS … and nothing in my outside world needed to change.

I slowed down my walking pace, relaxed my shoulders, breathed deeper, expanded my heart, made peace with my thoughts, noticed the beauty surrounding me, appreciated being fully present and blessed each situation that brought me here, to this very moment in time … and declared it to be perfect.

And so it is. ~ ER

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BE SOMEONE … who is so secure with who you are, so confident about what’s possible, so happy with how life is, so sure about what YOU have to offer, that you don’t need anyone else to be any particular way at all. ~ ER

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