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Elizabeth Richardson
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids


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*up to $10,000 Australian Government subsidy available

GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA Entrepreneurs, Actors, Public Speakers ... FREE UP YOUR TIME and let me boost your public image, compile your next book, develop your website, take some fabulous photos, edit video footage, manage your events ...

so you can

• RELAX and thoroughly enjoy what you do best
• spend more TIME with the people you love
• have the FREEDOM to go wherever you want
• make more MONEY than you know what to do with


if your business qualifies, receive up to $10,000 Australian Government subsidy for what it costs to hire me. ~ Elizabeth Richardson

*offer available to 1 approved applicant only and may be removed at any time without notice.

#GoldCoast #Entrepreneur #PublicSpeaker #WebDesign #Photographer #rebate #EventManagement #WageSubsidy
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I can talk about how someone has hurt me … OR I can choose to recall all the times they cared for me.

I can notice the ways that someone is avoiding me … OR I can choose to remember all the times they were present with me.

I can think about how I’m not being loved in the way I want to be loved … OR I can choose to focus on the times I loved myself so much that it was irrelevant whether they did or not.

It’s always my choice, to concentrate so much more, on what I really want. ~ ER
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BE SOMEONE … who is so secure with who you are, so confident about what’s possible, so happy with how life is, so sure about what YOU have to offer, that you don’t need anyone else to be any particular way at all. ~ ER
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Love Love Love This – by Crgeshauna
Simple, poignant, profound… I could read this daily and completely change my life… And I shall! The cover does not reflect the beauty/ necessary tools contained within… Don’t be fooled. Dive in anyway!
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15 Empowering Suggestions to make life easier, happier and a whole lot more fun!


Each one of the suggestions in this fabulous FREE mini-book, are an empowering process in themselves. They help to form a foundation for the work (or play) we do together throughout the course of another book I've recently published, called “Unconditional Happiness”.

But you don’t need to buy that book to receive insights, ideas and wonderful benefits. If you've been inspired to pick up this complimentary mini-book for any reason at all, the benefits will most likely be staring you right in the face. Just be open to them. That’s all you need do.
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IT DOESN’T MATTER What You THINK or SAY or DO … I’m happy and I love you. ~ ER
I Love You | Elizabeth Richardson
I Love You | Elizabeth Richardson
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“The world needs your Confessions.” - Dimple Pandey


My job is to uplift others, not to point out their weaknesses.
My job is to turn negative perceptions into life giving ones.
My job is to give hope where hope has been lost.
My job is to talk about what's possible, not to agree about what others think is impossible.
My job is to spread good news, not to regurgitate the bad.
My job is to encourage each person’s uniqueness, not to resolve differences.
My job is to celebrate individuality, not to promote sameness.
My job is to soothe you into loving yourself more, to inspire you to follow your own unique path, to draw out more of your phenomenal strengths, to see your magnificence reflected in the eyes of everyone else and encourage you to align with your own precious Soul.

"If something about this book feels good to you - then trust your guidance!" - Elizabeth Richardson
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LIFE IS MEANT TO BE EASY, AND FUN, AND EXCITING, AND FREE … and this easy to read mini book contains the most simple yet attitude changing statements that might help you feel better, wake you up, reaffirm what you already know or have you nodding your head in agreement.

I’m not here to sell you anything, to post affiliate links or to get you to sign up on a mailing list. Nor am I going to pretend that this book is normally worth $24.95 and you are blessed to get it for free … I didn’t write this because I thought you needed to read it, I wrote this to benefit me … and adopting the attitudes contained in this series of uplifting statements has helped me live a much happier life, created income out of thin air and renewed every relationship I’ve ever had, especially the relationship I have with myself!

I found simple ways to significantly improve the quality of my life in all areas, easily, effortlessly, speedily and with so many laughs along the way. I found inner fulfilment beyond my wildest dreams. I didn’t need to change my location, my mate, my job or win the lottery, it was much easier than that … I just changed ME!

“From falling in love to achieving success. From making money to changing the world. From solving other people’s problems to what makes a relationship really work. It’s all here, waiting patiently for you to receive it.”

There are no instructions or processes, no guidelines or steps, just a few simple words that might free your mind, lighten the load, get you back on track and take you closer, to where you really want to go. Enjoy! ~ From the author of 500 Confessions.

This FREE download includes PDF to read on your computer, EPUB to read on your iPhone and MOBI for your Kindle app too. ( We aim to please 🙂 ) Enjoy!
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“In only 10 minutes my entire life can improve,
without anything else changing at all.
That’s power, that’s creation,
that’s REAL MAGIC!” ~ ER
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GET YOUR FREE E-BOOK NOW to read on your computer, phone, iPad or Kindle, give it away for Christmas, print it, sell it, do whatever you like with it, and know that it’s simply a gift, from my heart to yours. xox ~ From the author of 500 Confessions
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