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Elizabeth Richardson
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids

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I've been working as a self employed web designer, content creator, successfully published author & photographer since 2009. I LOVE what I do.

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1. What’s happening now is none of my business.
2. What is my business? Getting into alignment with the good that’s coming.
3. When fear arises, find comfort, breathe through it, stay as quiet as possible.
4. When I feel better, CELEBRATE, laugh, be animated. Allow inspiration to come.
5. Magic happens right here. ~ ER

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I LOVE OTHER PEOPLE SO EASILY … by having the self discipline to focus only on the best parts of them, to see them as the source of all life sees them, to see them as having already found their solution, to see them as having already achieved their wellness, to see them as perfectly whole, aligned and complete, to see them as already being the person I know they really are, deep in resonance with their soul. ~ ER

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WHEN YOU FOCUS on something that makes your soul come alive … then you won’t need to fix, improve or change anything at all … any issues will cease to exist in those moments.

And as one moment expands into another … you come to realize, you didn't even need to look for a solution, the solution found you.

Living in the Magic ~ ER

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Closing my eyes.
Slowing everything right down.
Noticing the gentle vibration of my heart beating in time with the earth.
Listening for rhythmic sounds that soothe me even more.
Sensing that nothing really matters.
Not needing anything to be different.
Seeing the light in my minds eye.
Turning towards it in the stillness.
Following the warmth.
Appreciating the deepest relief.
Settling into the peacefulness.
Feeling the love.
Melding with the softest bliss.
Knowing the wholeness and perfection of life just as it is.
Aligning with the harmony of it all. ~ ER

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Three things to STOP saying when you’re in the middle of contrast.

1. Oh no, not this again, I hate going through contrast. (Hating)
2. I’ve done something wrong again and I can’t seem to get my life to work. (Shaming}
3. That person is doing that same thing again and they should change. (Blaming)

BLESS THE CONTRAST … it’s a good thing AND the best preparation for the next phase of your life – guaranteed. ~ ER

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IF WE ONLY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT – I wonder if we would behave any differently?

A reminder to live in the moment and appreciate the fun, the delight, the magic, and especially the expansion, that each person brings to our lives. ~ ER

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DON’T LET ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN … your connection with who you know yourself to really be is far more important than what someone else thinks, says or does … ever! ~ ER

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In my heart I feel the love
In my emotions I sense the way
In my mind I create the scene
In my imagination I hold the vision
In my future I see the dream
In my soul I hold the truth
In my Source I choose to align
In my wisdom I know I can be and do and create anything, I intend as reality for me. ~ ER

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I’VE GOT THIS … I can only hear the answers when I’m really listening. I can only thrive when I stop striving. I can only feel love when I am letting my own love flow. I can only find what I’m looking for when I relax and trust and just let all the tension go.

I can only be sustainably satisfied when I do things in joy rather than because I think that I should. I can only control the direction of my mood when I accept it’s perfectly natural to feel really good.

I can only receive assistance when I truly have faith and allow. I can only move forward when I realise, that I have absolutely everything I need right NOW. ~ ER
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