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Android, Cars, and technology.
Android, Cars, and technology.


Just to confirm, the app does NOT restart certain apps with running background services? I had to manually open certain apps that were supposed to be running a background service (auto brightness app and screenshot app to be specific).

Is this a bug or something that's not currently implemented?

I've updated to the latest version. When you try to edit a picture, there's a slider over the "add a caption..." text box.

I noticed that GApps were removed from being inline with 7.1.2. Just curious if this was a precautionary measure or if it's just temporary.

No issues yet, it's running great, thanks!

Is there an outage or something? I've been having random failed messages for about 2 hours now.

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I'm on 7.1.1 Dirty unicorns, v1.7 of this app. Lately, I've been having a problem where the power button options show up in my screenshots. I noticed if I haven't used the app for a while, the first screenshot turns out fine. But it's subsequent ones with the issue:
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Is there a "hold back to kill app" option, and/or any "Peek" settings?

Edit: I haven't found them, but I'd rather ask than assume... With hopes that I'm just overlooking them.

Naptime: With Google Maps whitelisted AND flipped to "not optimized", I'm still getting "GPS signal lost" while navigating + screen off. I also toggled "fused location" to "not optimized".

No other issues, otherwise.

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I have a dynamic navigation bar, but it doesn't play nice when you change the theme of Pulse, even though the status bar changes correctly.

Does "Doze" still have active development?

Is there a way to make Chromer selectable when viewing "recents"? If I go to another app and try to select Chromer from my recents (the window outline is there and pressable) it just takes me back to my home screen.
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