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Mark Mercer
Fuzzy Wanderer, Corporatism Critic, Former Corporate Tool. Uruguay Immigrant rather than US Expat.
Fuzzy Wanderer, Corporatism Critic, Former Corporate Tool. Uruguay Immigrant rather than US Expat.

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I'm from dirt-poor mining, farming and factory working Mercers. And British/Scottish working-class stock. <=> Not rich Trump-Big Data Mercers. Sick of being smeared as somehow aligned with or part of the ultra-wealthy Trump- and conservatives-supporting Robert and Rebekah Mercer.

And sick of the delusions of such that thing that it took some "big data" or "foreign interference" to bring about Brexit or Trump.

No, it took neoliberal elitist arrogance. It took ignoring or dismissing the "salt of the earth" people like those I came from only a generation or so back. That's all.

One more unthinking "liberal" internet commenter who writes something like "Oh, where else have I heard the name 'Mercer'?" as a way to undercut my political commentary is getting a virtual shoe thrown at them, and I wouldn't rule out a defamation action. Just because I don't buy the BS that Clinton lost because of "evil Big Data from the Mercers" or "Russians did it" does not mean I am part of your so-called "conspiracy".

Clinton lost, Brexit won, because your "hero" politicians ignored the solid working-class people like those from where my father grew up in the Appalachians. Where my grandfather grew up in the UK. The people from the places where your supposed "good" politicians didn't give a flying flaming fart about in their own smug and out-of-touch "big data" predictions.

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"Learn to live with it" for Islamist extremist terror attacks? <=> Just as wrong as "Lie back and enjoy it."

Root causes must be addressed by Western and overall modern civilization if we want it to survive.

And don't even start, virtue-signalling cultural relativists. Western and other modern civilization is not all white, Christian, male, or any other divisive and dismissive attack you're prepping. Western civilization also is black, red, yellow, brown, all gendered, GLBTQ+, cis, trans, Jewish, non-extemist Muslim, Bahá'í, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, and more - all of whom radical Islamic terrorists want to kill, enslave, or more.

We of the civilized world need to take multiple approaches to stamp out this scourge.

Stop creating more terrorists by droning the world (Thanks, Obama, who did war-criminal levels of innocent Muslim killing. Worse than Bush, worse than Trump so far, but all complicit.) Stop creating the circumstances that create refugee waves. Stop pretending that economic migrants are war refugees. Stop accepting illegal migration. Stop pretending that illegal immigration and legal immigration are the same thing. Protect people in or near their homelands. Stop forcing / allowing utterly incompatible cultures to be mashed together with none of the traditional rules, educational, health, and support requirements that were part of the good kind of immigration and cultural integration of the last century. Stop arming terrorists and supporting multiple sides of every conflict. Cooperate with Russia to stamp out the extremists, rather than run up the Second Cold War to hide your own domestic political failures.

What we don't need to do? What we should never do?

Learn to live with terror attacks. Shame on any politician, pundit, or poster who promotes that.

(There goes the rest of a certain type of my liberal friends. The slogan-influenced, non-analytical, low-income ones. Hopefully not the high-information analytical and thoughtful ones.)

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Vintage 1934 girls' air adventure: <=> "Jane, Stewardess of Air Lines" - who then learns to fly.

Look at that plane! (Not from the book but of the era.) Wood paneling, lighting sconces, fancy curtains. Ah, the good old days two decades before I was born, three before my first airplane trip.

As for fictional "Jane", despite the stereotyped role the heroine is in from the title, "The 246-page story follows Jane through her first year as she tends to passengers, learns to fly, gets her license and becomes a stunt pilot." And all that's after she was already a professional Registered Nurse, because that originally was a requirement for the stewardesses, both in the novel and in real-life.

The article from +Runway Girl Network, a significant air transport news site, goes on to mention some real-life early aviation pioneers of whom you might not have heard, and links out to other articles about early female aviators. 

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Tragic and stupid loss of life. <!> Most of the dead are because the mosque speaker blared "Go to the truck, get oil."

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Who the hell chose flammable cladding panels when the same company makes non-flammable ones? <=> Who approved it?

Arconic, the aluminum panel cladding company formerly known as Alcoa, originally an acronym for Aluminum Company of America, knew their flammable panels were going on a high-rise, contrary to their own product usage instructions and warning info. They make same-appearance flame-retardant versions, and also entirely non-flammable ones, and recommend those for high-rise use, at least above the lowest floors. But are they right in saying it isn't their responsibility how a buyer uses them or what the buyer buys?

Meanwhile the council housing (public housing to us Yanks) leadership either chose this, approved this, or ignored the issue entirely.

Many people died as a result. Many more made homeless. Including now in other similar buildings across the UK:

All to save a few £. Shameful. 

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Yet another violence-approving Leftist Democrat. <=> "I'm glad he got shot... I wish he was {obscenity} dead" said Nebraska Democratic Party official Phil Montag of almost-killed, badly-injured Congressman Steve Scalise.

You're losing more of the American People every damn day, Democrat and Leftist violence advocates. You ran horrible candidates, cheated your good ones, deservedly lost. Now as your Russian Narrative falls apart while you sound like hysterical McCarthyism of the 1950s, way too many of you are turning to violent language, approval of violence, or even a subset engaging in it.

Later "walk-backs" and apologies don't cut it. I'm sick of the Party Of Sore Losers and Violent Resisters, AKA the Democratic Party and its allies.

Except maybe for Bernie and Tulsi and no more than 5 other Democrat/caucus-with-Dems national politicians.

Police your damn ranks, now and hard, Democrats, or lose us Democrat-leaning independents forever. 

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Look at all the US security companies "collaborating" with Russia. <=> Yet you buy the "Russia rigged election" nonsense.

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Bwahaha! Plague of bedbugs bedevils BuzzFeed. <=> #CrapNews outlet deserves it. Near-biblical (not locusts but close enough.)

"Top 10 Ways To Encourage Working From Home"

And only a week ago, a swarm of 20,000 bees attacked not quite as crappy but seriously neoliberal-establishment-left biased Vox:

If I were more religious I'd seriously be thinking there's some Higher Power intervention into the low-quality, biased, crappy news that both put out. BuzzFeed far worse than Vox, which can be legit at times, so the bees stayed mostly outside as a warning, unlike the bedbugs.

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1. Wow.
2. Florida!
3. Murica!
4. He's not wrong.
Police have no legal obligation to protect particular people. They investigate crimes and arrest the perpetrators. They really do not have a legal responsibility to protect you from a crime. It's even gone to the Supreme Court and that's the decision.

Also, there is truth in the often said by firearms advocates, often denigrated by liberals of a certain sort, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!" A point made by the very liberal lesbian couple from a rural area, taking firearms-safety training in the course my wife and I took, sponsored by a Massachusetts woman's group in coordination with the NRA. And that was in Romney-era Mass, before the 9/11 attacks and then the various "lone wolf" and "self-radicalized" attacks.

Americans don't "run and hide", not even liberal Americans who have common sense. Note that Bernie Sanders is not anti-firearms-ownership. Also note that everybody who is in favor of citizens owning firearms is also in favor of getting proper training on them - as this Florida Sheriff states right in the video, citing the several training courses and materials his Brevard County Sheriff's Department offers the public.

Disclosure: Was liberal-Democrat legal firearms-owner in Massachusetts, where a permit was required for anything and was granted to me by a very liberal police department, and in Colorado, where it wasn't needed for long guns. Never had concealed-carry. Did take additional training for home defense including a "Defensive Shotgun" course for my primary home/family defensive tool. Which I did have to display to intruders once, while also calling 911. Several minutes after the bad guys left, the Brookline MA Police arrived and thanked me for being a responsible firearms owner.

Maybe it's not quite "a war out there" to the extent this admittedly outspoken sheriff states. But there are times when only citizens defending themselves and their family and neighbors will work. This "run, hide, tell, wait to be picked off" is nonsense. Dangerous nonsense. Unless you want a literal police state with armed officers in every room of every public building, which I know you do not want and would not pay to fund, we have to be willing to defend ourselves.

None of the above is contrary to overall progressive principles on non-gun issues. Not that I'm 100% aligned with those (I am on healthcare, education, infrastructure, anti-regime-chaning; less so on economics), but you can be a progressive and still ready to protect yourself instead of cowering while waiting minutes or longer for the police.

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Obama's own Homeland Security head: <=> No Russian hacking of the election count. Put a sock in it.

Was there perhaps Russian influence of public opinion? Sure, maybe, whatever. Ever hear of this thing called Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, various CIA and open State Department US propaganda to influence elections in other countries? Including when Secretary Clinton encouraged Russians to reject Putin? We do it too, and far more than any other country.

That's not hacking. That's propaganda.

There was no Russian hacking. Period. Just stop embarrassing yourselves, Democrats, and learn why you really lost and keep losing. 
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