How Real Names improve Courtesy: from a comment to +Violet Blue's thread.

(adding content so that people need to click through to see a vile, misogynist, ablist and ... rant) This is a comment posted under a real name. It is, I hope, exactly the sort of content G+ doesn't want.

It is a profound misunderstanding of the real world that knowing somebody's identity leads to polite discourse. People who are impolite remain impolite whether or not they join a social network. If you want to create a widespread service, you are going to have to put in thought-out filters to make it possible to hide content from rude people; relying on the illusive security of "nobody would say that if they were afraid of their social circles rejecting them" doesn't remotely address the problem. Some social circles are just fine with ad hominem attacks. There is no reason to believe that the guy I'm quoting's friends disapprove of the way he's talking, and as long as he has a circle of friends who support him, this behavior is going to persist. The solutions to this are (A) nobody ever posts publicly on a provocative issue and (B) ... well, that's why they pay people who understand social behavior the big bucks. (They do, right? Them and teachers?)

Mark Baker - +Violet Blue Some sort of whinner? All I see her doing is crying about google. Time to remove the sniveling bitch. Or maybe create a new circle and call it "Sniveling Bitches". I added her a week ago and all I see her doing is bitching about Google and crying about some sort of Persecution. OK I understand you work in porn. So do I, big fucking deal. Where do you think Google got most of it's money? Fucking Porn! So why do you think you will get Google Fried? Idiot. I have strong doubts Violet Emo Tard Blogger will get Removed from G+. Please. STFU. G+ is the winner of the long search for Google to get a foot hold in Social Networking and then we got Violet Blue sniveling about getting censored. Shut up with NSFW. Please you have any idea how many miles ahead G+ is regarding content?
Stop. Just stop... Please. Most everyone I know in the Adult Industry right now is proud of Google for not killing our content inside G+.
I read Posters like her all over the place.
So while people like her snivel about some sort of ID problem because they have some sort of self branded dumb emo name they forget just how far G+ has raised the bar and elevated Social Networking while screaming about meaningless pathetic self centered rants. Please again... GTFO, STFU.
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