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Reminder: Tomorrow is Fee-Free Friday!
Don't forget, on Friday, May 4th, PodPledge is hosting another "Fee-Free Friday" in which we waive our service fee for ALL payments processed that day!

That means the content creators you support on PodPledge will receive more of each donation. It's our way of showing our gratitude to the creative community!

Browse the growing list of media makers using PodPledge at:

Support your favorite podcaster, YouTuber or crafts-person on PodPledge this Friday, and more of your payment will go directly to them.

And if you're making media, start a PodPledge page to raise funds AND sell merchandise with your own built-in store. Start supporting the content you create today on PodPledge, and Stay Inspired!
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Congratulations to Film45‚Äč for launching their PodPledge page!

Film45 is a podcast about filmmakers, featuring news and interviews with regional Minnesota-area creators about projects, careers; sharing the experiences in their movie making lives.

Find out more about Film45 on their PodPledge page at:
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A new update has been released for PodPledge today! This update expands on several features, and adds some new goodies as well. Here's what's new:
Today's update includes the following neat new items:

Daily Project Performance Reports
A list of the pledges and merchandise sales that your projects generate has always been available within your Account Area. But project owners have also requested a more "proactive" report, so they don't miss anything. That's why we've added a daily Project Performance Report. Starting today, a daily report will be generated for each project that received pledges and/or merchandise sales the previous day.

The report summarizes the number of pledges, merch sales, and Incentives that were earned, including links to view each of those items in more detail within your Account Area. The daily report is posted in your account's "Messages" mailbox. When a new report is generated, the previous ones are removed, so that your Messages mailbox won't become cluttered with performance reports.

The daily report can also be received by email. The emailed version of the report can be turned on and off in the "My Settings" section of your Account Area on the website.

Pledge Manager
The "My Pledges" section of your Account Area has been improved. It is now easier to scan the list of projects that you have supported, it lists how far away you are from earning each project's next incentive, and there is a button to a new and improved Pledge Manager page.

On the Pledge Manager page, you can change the value and frequency of a recurring pledge that you are making to a project. You can also edit the date that your next pledge will be automatically processed. This can be very useful if you support multiple projects and wish to consolidate the date on which they are processed; or need to postpone a pledge for whatever reason, but don't want to cancel it entirely. Also, the Tip Jar additional payment can be added or removed from your pledge at your discretion.

An update was also made to the system that awards recurring Incentives that supporters have earned. We found a potential issue that could cause the timing of its calculation to be imprecise, resulting in recurring Incentives being awarded two days in a row, which would throw off future calculations. This could cause supporters that were supposed to earn a recurring Incentive once a month to earn it twice one month, then skip a month. This issue should now be fixed.

These updates are already in place on the website, and ready to use. There's more updates in development, so watch for more exciting new features and improvements in the days to come. In the meantime, we hope these updates help you to Stay Inspired!
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PodPledge Gets A Little Squirrely
Congratulations to the Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast for launching their second PodPledge fundraising project this week! The podcast, also known as "RDTN", centers around board games and... squirrels?

Check out RDTN' page at:

The Rolling Dice & Taking Names podcast is hosted by two long time friends, Tony and Marty. Since 2012, they have released over 135 bi-weekly episodes with discussions on table top games, hobby news, interview with designers and conversations with many of our fellow board gaming friends.

They strive to provide entertainment to anyone who enjoys discussions centered around tabletop games, but that's not always the focus. Often, they will have "squirrel" moments of distraction, where they find themselves on a random topic. It keeps their discussions inventive and engaging. Even so, they always get back to our passion in board games.
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Tutorial: how to sell merchandise!
Watch the video tutorial at:

Selling merch is a great way to supplement the revenue for your YouTube channel, podcast, or blog.

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to start selling merchandise directly on your PodPledge fundraising page.

Selling merchandise directly to your supporters on your funding page - in addition to also accepting donation pledges - means not having to set up a separate online store website, disconnected from your crowdfunding page. Your fundraising efforts and merchandise sales stay together on one site - both in the same location - making it easier for your backers to find both and support you.

Strengthen the overall health of your media's monetization by developing merchandise to sell, and use PodPledge's built-in tools to start. Earning extra income through merch sales is a great way to Stay Inspired!
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New Feature: Edit Yourself
PodPledge is happy to announce we've released another update today!

This update includes several new additions that were recently requested by Project Creators. So, if you have a question or suggestion, let us know so we can consider it for a future software update!

This update includes the following items:

Project Updates can now be scheduled for release on a later date. The website post and corresponding email (if any) can both be scheduled. This allows Project Creators to work ahead if they want to, creating several Project Updates ahead of time that can be released over time on future dates.

Previously posted Project Updates can now be edited and deleted by their creator.

The layout of the options on the Project Update editor page has been improved, with the more commonly-used features moved to the top of the editor.

New "Share Button" Widget
The Project Performance page in your Account Area now has a widget for creating a "Support Me On PodPledge" share button. This widget can be used to add the button to your website, including blogs and WordPress sites.

There's already more website updates in the works, so watch for more exciting new features and improvements in the days to come. In the meantime, we hope these updates help you to Stay Inspired!
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Fee Free Friday returns!
Spread the word! On Friday, January the 19th, PodPledge will be waiving our service fee on all transactions processed that day!

By waiving our service fee for the day, the media makers that you support will receive more of your contribution when you donate to them on their project pages. PodPledge is happy to support content creators in this way.

Find the newest, creator-driven funding projects at:

Recently launched projects include: Bored Online? Board Offline, Cloak and Meeple, La Tejedora Crafts, LABS webcomic, Gaming and BS RPG Podcast, and Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial!

Join in!
Gain supporters and raise funds for your podcast, YouTube channel, blog, vlog, or other media you make, by starting a PodPledge funding page! Get started at:

Stay Inspired!
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Sell Merchandise & More: PodPledge's Biggest Update EVER Is Now Live!

PodPledge has always been about helping people support their favorite media makers. But now, PodPledge is introducing a whole new way to spread the love!

We are excited to unveil PodPledge's biggest website update ever, which includes new features that enable project owners to start selling merchandise in addition to accepting pledge donations. This provides a way to sell all sort of items without having to set up and run a separate online store website.

Find out more, and start your own PodPledge fundraising page at:

The ability to sell merchandise keeps your fundraising supporters and merchandise customers on one site - making it easier for them to support you both ways - since they can make donations and buy products while staying on the same website.

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves! Here's the complete list of everything that's in this update:

Project Pages & Website Updates

Supporters can now make pledges to multiple projects in a single order. (Previously, backing multiple projects would require placing multiple orders.) If the Tip Jar option is used when making a pledge to multiple projects, the tip will be distributed proportionately to each of them.

Redesigned the pledge page, where supporters review their purchase and enter their shipping & billing information.

Redesigned the receipt page that is displayed after placing a pledge.
Once a pledge or merchandise item has been selected, a cart icon is displayed at the top of each page. This icon lists how many different items are in the cart, and it links to the "checkout" page to complete the purchase.

If merchandise has been added to a project, then a "Shop" tab is added to the project's page. The Shop tab links to a new section that lists all of the merchandise available for that project.

The checkout page will calculate real-time U.S.P.S. shipping rates if the cart contains merchandise that requires shipping.

All orders can now be paid for by credit card or PayPal. (Previously, not all projects could be paid for by both credit card or PayPal. Now, that restriction is gone, and every order can be paid for with whichever method is most convenient.

Account Area Updates

Added My Shop Orders page to the Account Area. This new section appears after a user makes their first merchandise purchase. This page lists the merchandise purchases the user has made, each order's shipping status, and any tracking numbers that have been generated.

Added a Merchandise page to each project in the My Projects section of the Account Area. This area can be used to add merchandise to the project, which will create a "shop" page where they can be purchased. (Currently Merchandise sales are available to Project Owners in the U.S. only. Support for International Project Owners is coming soon!)

Added a Merchandise Fulfillment page to each project in the My Projects section of the Account Area. (This page appears after you add your first Merchandise item.) The Merchandise Fulfillment page lists all purchases of your merchandise that have been made by supporters. The page includes tools to update the shipping status of each merchandise order, export the data to a spreadsheet, enter tracking numbers, or send messages to those supporters.

The Incentive Fulfillment link in each project in the My Projects section of the Account Area will now also display the number of incentives awaiting fulfillment.

Added a Referral Link to the My Dashboard section of the Account Area. This link can used to send people to your project pages, and will track the resulting traffic, sales, and even any new projects that those users create.
The Project Settings page for each project now has an option to upload a Header Image. If a Header Image is uploaded, it will replace the plain text title of the project on its public page.

Dozens of interface and documentation updates were also made throughout the front and back ends of the website.

We hope the new and updated features in this update improve the user experience for all Project Owners and their Supporters. Enjoy the new tools and options, and Stay Inspired!
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We're starting off the new year in a big way!
PodPledge's biggest update EVER has entered its final round of testing, and will be released in just a few days. This update introduces some truly unique features and options for your crowdfunding projects.

What will this update contain? New features? Free dental floss with every pledge? Did we give the website a new hat? Details coming soon!
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