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Mountain Photos

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Starry sky over the mountain Ushba
Location: Upper Svaneti, Mestia, Georgia, Europe. Caucasus mountains.

More pic to download:
Creative Travel Projects at +Shutterstock

Taken on Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens EF24-105mm f/4L 
Post-processing in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 

#svaneti #georgia #europe #landscape #mountain #nature #travel #night #milkyway #star #amazing #beautiful #adventure #peak #caucasus #astrophotography #грузия #საქართველო  #caucasian  #shutterstock  #leonidtit   #creativetravelprojects  #naturephotography #photography  #nationalpark #climbing    #travelphotography  #საქართველო   #ბუნება #trip  #sunset   #sunrise   #sunsetphotography  #hdr  #hdrphotography #color #discover #world  

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Mountain Photos

Shared publicly  - || Il primo minuto di follia || Un titolo bizzarro che calza alla perfezione con il momento vissuto. La tanto attesa luce dell'alba sembrava giungere da un momento all'altro, un'attesa impaziente dopo la sveglia nel cuore della notte. Tutto sembrava volgere al meglio e in questo breve lasso di tempo le creste iniziavano ad illuminarsi, poi un minuto di follia pura sulle montagna a destra, poi più nulla, nè qui nè altrove: l'imprevedibilità della montagna e della fotografia di paesaggio.

The first minute of madness || A bizarre title that fits perfectly with the moment lived. The long-awaited light of dawn seemed to come at any moment, a waiting impatiently after the alarm clock in the middle of the night, everything seemed to turn for the better and in this short space of time the ridges began to glow, then a minute of madness on the mountains to the right, then nothing, neither here nor anywhere else: the unpredictability of the mountain and landscape photography.
#morenogeremetta #clickalps #clickalpsphotography #dolomiti #dolomites #dolomiten #sextener #naturpark #dreizinnen #landscape #landscapephotography #landscapephoto #landscapepicture #mountain #mountains #mountainphotos #alps #alpine #lake #paterknofel #morning #morninginspiration #photography
#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Kevin Rowe +Toshi Nakamura +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow +Krzysztof Hanusiak +Dennis Hoffbuhr +Dave Gaylord +Doug Hagadorn +Eric Drumm +RJ Wilner
#bellesphotos  pour +Belles photos page animée par +Jean-Louis LAURENCE  +Claudya Bonnet +Rando TrenteQuatre +mimiesmile b
#BTPLandscapePro+BTP Landscape Pro . founded by +Rinus Bakker , owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Nancy Dempsey
#EuropeanPhotography  +European Photo
+Janusz Brakoniecki +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Susanne Ramharter +Ela Kupiec  +Carlos Duarte
#themagicoflight Curators +Ray Bilcliff  +Paul Stein  +Ray Bilcliff
#mountainphotos +Mountain Photos by +Baki Karacay
#fotomaniaitalia +Marina Versaci +Luciano Doria +Barbara Manciulli +Sergio Lazzerini +Angelo Aboaf
#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Michael Garza +Leo Schubert +David D +Mike Hankey +Peter Marbaise +Hans-Juergen Werner
+Manfrotto Imagine More +Manfrotto School of Xcellence +Stunning Moment +Auronzo Misurina +Sexten Sesto +Dreizinnenhütte / Rifugio A.Locatelli-S.Innerkofler
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Mountain Photos

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Solo per pochi minuti, ma sempre una grandissima emozione assistere al crepuscolo, specialmente se nel farlo si è di fronte ad un palcoscenico simile!

Just few minutes, but allways great emotions during twilight, especially when in front of a such panorama!

+ClickAlps Photography +BTP Landscape Pro +HQSP Landscape +EVERYDAY THINGS +Stunning Moment +Mountain Photos +Landscape Photography +Photo Mania Global +Foto Mania Italia  #clickalpsphotography  
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Mountain Photos

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Mountain Photos

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ArcticGlow ::

Le ottime condizioni trovate a Reine durante il recente Photo Travel ci hanno permesso di realizzare scatti a tutte le ore. Scatto realizzato con filtri Ray Masters - Camera filters

Nice condition in Reine during twilight helped me to realize this panorama. Photo taken with #raymasters

#winter #glow #snow #pink #sky #norway #ice #lofoten #reine #arcticnorway #arctic #europe #mountain #mountains #peak #peaks #snowypeaks #water #ice #landscape #landscapes #archipelago #island #islands #sea #sky #frozen #nordland #water #reflection #reflections #seascape #nature #cloud #clouds #cold #lofotenislands #robertomoiola  #clickalpsphotographers  
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Mountain Photos

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Three Sisters

The A82 Road from Glasgow to Inverness in Scotland has been named as one of the best scenic drives in Britain. It brings you breathtaking landscapes and wonderful sights like this one. Here, in the front you can see famous The Three Sisters, some of the most impressive mountains in the Glencoe Valley. This place has particular significance in Scottish history, for full story please refer to Massacre of Glencoe.

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#Scotland #UK #Glencoe #mountains #highlands #sunset
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Love this!!!
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Mountain Photos

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"Never look back"
Well.... sometimes it really really really pays of to do just that :)
Midnight sun, and a rainbow from earlier this summer.

Location :
Nordland, Northern Norway.

Don't forget to visit me on other social media if you use any :
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Tags :
#nordic #scandinavia #scandinavian #landscape #arctic #photography #norwegianphotographer #fotograf   #photographer #foto
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#CanonGeek #samyang #EOS6D #Norway #Norwegen #skandinavia #Norden
#Getout #oneexposure #exposure
#mountainphotos +Mountain Photos by +Baki Karacay
For #CoastalThursday +Coastal Thursday curated by +David Polzine & +Jon Kahn
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Mountain Photos

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Mountain Photos Photography Theme Page for High Quality Sharing People
So many of us are drawn to mountains. They are our secret escape to peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. For some of us, mountains personify our spirit and make us feel that they are part of us. Mountains reflect the dichotomy of our inner and outer world sometimes, being calm and benevolent guarding the fertile valleys below, while having ferocious storms wreaking havoc on their rocky peaks. For some, grandeur of mountains are the domains of gods, where few people dare to go. And for some, they are the place of eternal rest because they chose to go. No wonder, mountains are spiritual icons for many of us.

Mountain Photos All Week Theme Page was started in May 2012 by Baki Karacay to promote the high quality sharing members of amazing mountain photos by giving them a place to display and maximize the visibility of their work and to encourage collaborative learning between photographers.

To view the slideshow of all amazing mountain photos contributed by great photographers, go to: (Scroll down, click on a photo and choose Slideshow.)

December 2014 Update on Page Policy
Due to the new features added for pages by G+, page policty of +Mountain Photos theme page changed on a large scale. We've now had thousands of shared amazing photos and the number of participants is over 6.7K. I'll keep checking, plussing and commenting every contribution as time allows to help them reach maximum visibility. But rather than resharing by tagging contibuted photos, from time to time I will be directly resharing my choices of beautiful shots publicly. They will also show up on the +Mountain Photos page stream. You may still be able to use automatic resharing created by tagging your photo with the page name for an immediate show up on this page's stream. 
In addition, I will try to choose one from among your amazing contributions as +Mountain Photos page cover photo and replace it with a new beauty every month.
Organizing events and sharing circles will be far less than before due to my limited time.
Thank you for your understanding and participation. Keep enjoying mountain photos!
Page Curator

October 2012 Update on Page Policy
We've now had over 1,300 shared amazing photos on this page since the launch in May 2012. With the growing number of participants, I encourage automatic resharing created by tagging your photo with the page name for an immediate show up on the page stream. (Read to send your shots on top of the page stream.) Besides organizing events and sharing circles (see the Links at the bottom), I am trying to check, tag and plus every contribution to help them reach maximum visibility but it seems only from time to time I will be able to comment; eg. to welcome a new participant. Please note that each of your contributions are reshared on the page stream through tagging the page to be followed by over 2,200 mountain photo lovers. If you've contributed but cannot see your photo on the page stream, please read the following tips.


Page Policy and Participation
This page works with automatic resharing created by tagging your photo with the page name for an immediate show up on its stream. As reshares by tagging are limited (not public), only the +Mountain Photos page followers can see the contributed mountain photos on this page.

Participation is possible only after you Follow this theme page (ADD +Mountain Photos to your circles). To share your photos on this theme page, use the following steps:
  • Ensure +Mountain Photos is in your circles. (Pages cannot interact with your posts  unless you add them to your circles first.)
  • Tag your photo with the page name +Mountain Photos or let me tag it for you. (How to add a name tag?) If you are not able to tag your photos with this page, please send me a message and let me know.
And your photo will show up on the Page Stream of +Mountain Photos as well as on the profiles of all page members (in addition to your public post). All comments and +1's will be on your photo in your album. In this way, your photo will reach maximum visibility and will also be placed in Mountain Photos Page Album. At first yourt tag wll need to be accepted by the page but once you contribute your shot to +Mountain Photos theme page, I will add you to the page's VIP circle and from then onward your photo will immediately show up on the Page Stream of +Mountain Photos theme page upon your tagging.

That's all! However, if you want me to tag your mountain photo, I need you add the tag +Mountain Photos and/or +Baki Karacay when posting your mountain photo to make sure that I will be notified of your post. (Follower mountain photographers will appreaciate this as the visibility of tags on your posts will also help more people discover this theme page.) You can also include #mountainphotos so that anyone may easily search using the hashtag and view yours among all of the entries! 

Or copy and paste the following text block into your post and G+ will convert it to linked mentions.

#mountainphotos +104595645252059205464 by +110677398294417149146

That's it. And then have fun and enjoy everyone's Mountain Photos everyday on your stream and on Mountain Photos theme page and Album!

One last word: Please feel free to contribute your mountain photos any day of the week and interact with each other on the larger lightbox view of images. I will take care of the page stream to be dominated by amazing mountain photos.

Remember, the purpose of +Mountain Photos theme page is to have fun and learn collaboratively. Your suggestions are always welcomed. 

So, get your best "Mountain Photos" ready to share, we look forward seeing them!

— Best Mountain Photos Contest
+Mountain Photos Theme Page organizes Best Mountain Photos (BMP) Contest for its followers starting from the first Wednesday of each month.
Follow the Links below for all BMP contest events.

Circle of Best Mountain Photos Contest Photographers
+Mountain Photos Theme Page releases Circle of Best Mountain Photos Contest Photographers along with the announcement of Contest Winners at the end of each contest.
Follow the Links below for announcements of BMP contest results.

— Mountain Photos Contributors (MPC) Circle
+Mountain Photos Theme Page releases Mountain Photos Contributors (MPC) Circle from time to time.
Follow the Links below for the most recent MPC circle release.

 Circle of Amazing Mountain Photographers (AMP)
+Mountain Photos Theme Page releases updated and 100% validated quality Circle of Amazing Mountain Photographers (AMP) selected from around the globe from time to time.
Follow the Links below for the most recent AMP circle release.

Thank you!
Baki Karacay, Curator


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