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The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mr. Bojangles:
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Think of 'Perio': A standard in many clown acts....but the original clown character - from the Opera 'Perio And Maconie'.
Perio is the white - faced clown in the 'dunces cap' - and proper makeup always includes two or three teardrops from the left eye.

I've come close....but I never will give up!
....But you gotta do what you gotta do.

:'( :'(
Robin Williams chose his own way to peace.
Rest well.
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I was using Cubase (up until I needed to fix my computer):
Once my computer's running again (and i have somewhere to put it!) I'm thinking of buying a couple of Yamaha desks - a small one to run guitar from, and a bigger (min. 16→4→2) to feed the little one in to;
Yamaha now own Steinberg who built Cubase - so many Yamaha desks are built to operate Cubase if required;
And I trust Yamaha....but have no experience of their desks.

Thoughts and / or suggestions, please?

Really happy to see the website having
....The good old workhorse of the Sure SM58!
But for general instrumentation
(as opposed to vox / essential sensitivity - SM58 for those, especially live),
I'd add an SM57.
....But I've recently been introduced to a Blue as being cheaper AND (quote) "less muddy" than a SM58....

Thank you to I don't know who for inviting me to join this community too.

Just bought my first drums - but barely half a kit!

Badly in need of a hi-hat.
Badly in need of a small rack tom
- preferably '77 vintage Rogers 360 to match the rest;
I've got a snare, but need traps for it - and it doesn't match the rest, so if anyone's got a 77 Rogers 360 snare, I'm interested.
Also need a pedal for the kik.
And once I've got that lot, I'll need a crash and a ride, too.

I haven't got much to spend - the snare was given to me and I was just after buying sticks when....stack of nice and cheap drums with a mate parked close by to drive me home with them....?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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If anyone can find me '70's vinyl of this lot - in demonstrably reasonable condition - I'll pay minum £33 per 33rpm disk plus p&p.

Leaf Hound -" Freelance Fiend": '70
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STING - Moon Over Bourbon Street:
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Don't care what anyone thinks or says....

The guy who taught me to fly a sound desk somehow got hold of some old unreleased tapes - HORRIBLE quality, even after he'd cleaned them up as best he could with all the kit he could get his hands on!

I've lost almost all my possessions more than once, so haven't got those tapes anymore :( ....but even without care for commercial advantage and because I know that if I haven't got the kit to clean those tapes better now - I know that given 25 years of new tech., I know that I could clean them pure....given the kit I'll have once I find somewhere to keep it....

Bob Marley - redemption song acustic:
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