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Heather Weir
Mommy, wife, Photographer, Runner, adventurer
Mommy, wife, Photographer, Runner, adventurer
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Happy FIRST birthday Wesley!
Sweet baby boy turned ONE yesterday!  I had grand plans of this amazing post full of photos from the last year, but alas, I haven't gotten my act together in gathering, sorting, and picking the perfect photos. All that being said, I still wanted to post som...

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Chew toys
Tonight, I came home from work and the first thing my husband did was hand me one of Wesley's board books. It looked like the dog had used it as a chew toy. I was wrong. Our conversation went something like... J: Look. Me: Whaaaaat?? Did Bailey do this? J: ...

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Sutton family - Sawyer turns 1!
It has been far too long since I last wrote. Nearly a year actually. I thought for sure I would be writing more than ever after my son wa...

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Help TI win!
Forrester Groundswell Award Nomination: A Little Reward & Recognition Goes a Long Way

This year, the TI E2E Community is nominated for the Forrester Groundswell Award in the B2B category for Supporting.  Consider it Guru Status for E2E in the outside world of community reward and recognition.

Forrester Groundswell Award. Unless you’ve got Google Alerts set to “online community”, “social media”, or “Guy Kawasaki”, you may wonder what a dramatic heave of ocean waves triggered by a seismic event and a rather well-known research company have to do with Texas Instruments’ E2E Community.  But it does in terms of the word’s secondary meaning “groundswell of support”. Support is, of course, our key reason for community, and support via a vote is what we are asking from you now.

Steps to Vote:

1.     Go to:

2.     Under “My Rating” hover over and click on the number of stars you feel E2E deserves
a.     For 5 stars hover over and select the furthest star on the right with its yellow fill full and click

3.     You can also include a short review of anything positive you have to say in regards to E2E

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Read about my expectations as a pregnant lady on my blog post: Great Expectations
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