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In the Trayvon Martin case, Over time, we are getting answers to some of the questions. Some of these answers raise more questions.

The manslaughter — if not the murder — of Trayvon Martin may be street legal. Florida’s legislature, and former Gov. Jeb Bush, have created a legal hole through which the proverbial truck can be driven. Florida’s leaders have created a world in which anyone can set their own personal standard for taking human life, provided they tell themselves they “reasonably” believe that in doing, so they are responding to a potentially lethal threat. Half of USA states now have similar laws. We used to have a legal structure: “Better that 10 guilty men escape punishment than that an innocent suffer.” Now it is: “Better that an occasional innocent teenager be killed, than tolerate occasional burglaries.”

This also legalizes the assassination of police officers. If you get stopped by the police, you could feel threatened, because of past stories of alleged police abuse, so it would be entirely appropriate, under the Florida law, to kill the police officer who you fear is placing you in harm's way. Under Florida law, your fear does not need to make sense, be valid, you can merely have an uninformed untrained suspicion that the police behavior is improper. If there is no video evidence of the encounter, you may make up any story you wish. That is the reality of 1/2 the USA with laws like Florida's.

Based on the evidence Sanford police gathered that night, police believed they did not have enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman on a manslaughter charge because of his account of what happened and claim of self-defense. Witness stories indicate the police did a rather incomplete job of evidence collection.

Who was tested for drugs? Trayvon body was tested, during the autopsy. Zimmerman was not, because he was not arrested at the time of the incident.

Who initiated the altercation? The evidence is clear that Zimmerman pursued Martin then killed him. The evidence is in the form of ear witnesses, including Martin girl friend. However, in addition to many witnesses claiming Martin was the one being attacked, one witness allegedly backs Zimmerman tale.

Who cried for help? All the ear witnesses say it was Martin. Only Zimmerman and the police disagree.

How many shots were fired? Although there are conflicting stories, the official story is only one shot fired by Zimmerman gun.

Where is Zimmerman gun now? The police are holding it for evidence. Zimmerman, though, still has a valid concealed-weapons permit.

Sanford cops usually call a prosecutor to the scene of a homicide but did not that night. They spoke to one on the phone.
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