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And so these men of Indostan
Disputed loud and long,
Each in his own opinion
Exceeding stiff and strong,
Though each was partly in the right,
And all were in the wrong!

So oft in theologic wars,
The disputants, I ween,
Rail on in utter ignorance
Of what each other mean,
And prate about an Elephant
Not one of them has seen!

[The Blind Men and the Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe]

“A bit of wisdom called Hanlon’s Razor advises us, ‘Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.’1 I would add a clumsier but more accurate corollary to this: ‘Never attribute to malice or stupidity that which can be explained by moderately rational individuals following incentives in a complex system of interactions.’” – Hubbard, Douglas W. (2009).
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