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Will be running a 4-6 session using my WoD rules for US.

Any interest? Looking to play a single WoD archetype, though that may come from a multitude of US AT's.

Will be playing every other Tuesday from 9pm-12pm.

Any extra playbooks +Paul Riddle? Played for the first time and Gencon and loved it.

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Running the ‘Hood by +James Mullen at Gencon ... the group killed.

What is the correct slack and/or discord channel?

Also, any gencon meetup plans for the group?

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On my Monoprice Mini Select I had a jam, then it ripped off this heat “tape” beside the nozzle.

Do I need to replace the whole part or just the tape? If just the tape, does anyone know what kind?

Top 10 2017 new (or sequel) Anime TV shows to watch?

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I changed filament (Same Hatchbox PLA, Just silver instead of black) and the filament is lifting off of the raft.

Any thoughts?

Here are my Cura Specs
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I got my Fight Cards in PDF from Operator RPG ... love them, but reminded me that I always wanted to make a roleplaying game out of the cards from Lunch Money .... awkward Card game about school yard fights.

Itching to play Troublemakers again after seeing ST2

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Spot opened up for my Sunday night game!

Think a lighter hearted Monsterhearts .... at Hogwarts! What's more fun than teenagers? Teenagers that cast spells.
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