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Any good resources for something Weird West like?

Gambling moves, so on?

I will be running a Weird West game online soon, and I think translating Urban Shadows to the genre would be perfect,

I want to write a few custom environment / town moves, but was hoping for a bit of inspiration.

When a new train comes to town?

When playing poker in a bar?

When dueling another in the streets?


Can you take more than 1 Compendium Class if it makes sense?

I am looking for three types of compendium classes that I hope others can help me find.

1. A noble
2 . A Con Artist
3. An escape artist

+Lowell Francis, having to back out this morning due to a sick wife and daughter. If I can get them both asleep, I will jump on.

+Richard Rogers, what is the exact name for the One Percenters? I am looking on drivethru and not seeing it.

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Running the 'Hood in March for Gauntlet Hangouts.

Would love to see more monsters created using the tropes from Path of Exile, Diablo and Torchlight.

James, what playsets are you adding into the book? Could you do a playset with extra moves for a wizarding school? I know you disagree with the source material a space battle school? A summer camp?

Have you thought about a new Bonds type system that feels less like currency and more like a way to connect individuals? 
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