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Danae Dracht
"I have to believe there are moments of incorruptible beauty upon this earth."
"I have to believe there are moments of incorruptible beauty upon this earth."

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Edinburgh, Scotland: Green on Every Side
Edinburgh is a haven of lush living green perfection. The climate is temperate, without any real winter and cool, misty summers. The city invites you in with a kind, thickly accented, "G'mornin, Luve." And let me tell you, being surrounded by a region this ...

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Back Again
To Nathan and Brittany by your sister with love A clock hung on the kitchen wall facing the dining room table. From the twelve, the second hand ticked around the face in rhythmic, perpetual clicks. Outside the night was a gradient of blackness and the moon ...

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The Summer of 1999
Dirt filled the cracks of my childhood. I played for hours in the dirt that seemed to breath in sunshine and breath out dead leaves. If you held it close enough, you could almost hear it exhaling. I remember the way it felt, the wet graininess that seethed ...

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Dear Grandpa
Grandpa, you were probably wearing a dark blue jean collard shirt and light blue pants with a toothpick between your teeth when you told me you’d take me for a walk one evening to the big high school across the street. On the way, I said we should race, you...

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Traffic Lights
We were staring at the traffic light, waiting for the color to change from red to green. We were silent as the city sounds spoke for us. I liked the presence of these strangers — with them I felt my absence. Like a mirror, I was a reflection of their human ...

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Tolstoy's Confession: A Quotable Format
One of my goals for this year was to read something by Tolstoy. Not wanting to dive into anything as long as War and Peace , I chose a much shorter, but no less heady excerpt: A Confession . Within these pages, Tolstoy explains his early life and his strugg...

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New Beginnings: Breaking and Remaking
I'm settled into my new home on the east side of Michigan, and I think I finally have something to write about. My writing desk... This is a blog post, not an essay. I don't have a driving thesis here, I'm just confessing my thoughts, asking questions, and ...

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Favorite Quotes
Some of my favorite quotes I've been hoarding over the past year:  .. It’s life that matters, nothing but life—the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all. Fyodor Dostoevsky Let people feel the weight ...

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Thoughts on a Plane
The plane had finally taken off. The familiar popping and buzzing in my head left me moving my jaw around in circles and digging my finger into my ear. I looked out the window, observing the strategically planted square fields, a thousand different variatio...

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Mud & Her Child
I knew what childhood smelled like.  It smelled like wet, freshly turned soil,  like the minerals, once concealed,  drawn from the earth —   a billion  shards  of the fossilized dead.  Childhood  was the smell of soft mud  that looked  and felt like chocola...
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