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For all you skiers/snowboarders out there that have a smart phone, check out AlpineReplay. It's a free app that tracks all kinds of info when you're on the slopes. The metrics they capture and the way it's displayed is an excellent example of how analytics should be!
AlpineReplay gives skiers and snowboarders ultimate bragging rights. We measure speed, airtime, vertical, Calories and more with an iPhone or Android and let you compare and compete with friends
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Wow. I was using mytracks. This takes it to a whole other level!
Yeah, that's a great interface - wonder how they'll make money.
Just wish there was more snow, haven't been out yet to post any data... first trip out is next week though!
Nice! Where ya going? We head up to Stowe in 2 weeks.
Stowe? Awesome!

We're headed to Greek Peak this week after work, either Tues or Wed. They tell me it's only about 30 mins from Cornell, if that's the case this might become a weekly excursion!
Nice! Just like our Golf outings at JNJ. Heading out to Utah the last week in Feb... they're getting dumped on right now.
Utah is gonna be sweet.. I'm extremely jealous. Try out that app when you're there, I'll be going for highest max speed next week!
According to the leaderboard, the highest speed worldwide is 94.8 mph. Not kidding myself, beating that ain't gonna happen... but I might be able to keep up with Joe!
App is installed and ready to go. Can I like add you as a friend or something? Gotta check on that.
Yeah, just sent you a friend request...
Yup, got it. That answers that!

This is pretty slick.
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