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Tremor the Earth God/Aura God Alt #2
I'm Goofy, not stupid
I'm Goofy, not stupid
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Name: Tremor/Terra
species: Lucario/Braixen/Lopunny/Umbreon/Victini/Mew/Blaziken/Sylveon/Gardevoir/Weavile/Garchomp/Pikachu/Greninja/Meloetta/Midnight Lycanroc/Midday Lycanroc/Incineroar/Latios/Zorua/Zeraora/Scrafty/Gallade/Mawile/Delphox/Meowstic/Decidueye/Keldeo/Arceus/Sabeleye/Lunala/Solgaleo/ (Mainly Lucario)
Gender: Male/Female
Powers: Shapeshifting, Cloning, Gender swap, mega Evolve, Shine then un-shine
Age: 15
Sexuality: Bisexual
Lover: +Nay Fluffy boi

Aunt: +Peach the Rubber Princess
Dad: +Tiki Falcon (cant tag)
Mom: +Yakie The Gardevoir {Mother/Fatty/Feeder/Kawaii}
Boyfriend: +Nay Fluffy boi
Brothers: +Venom Fox jr +FoxyGamer 1 +DarkKirby8976 /Light Pikachu The Noble +The Fluffy Eevee/+Kass the Bird Daddy (cant tag) +Free de la Hoya
Sisters: +Princess Frost The Glaceon +Princess The Sylveon +Ava the Mentor +Cinnamon Swirl
Sons: +Obsidian The Gaming Zorua +kittycake Cookie +Cloud the paw loving zorua +Phantom Eevee +Lilly The Lycanroc +Crystal the eevee trainer
Pets: +Natalie
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Guy thinks Japanese developers are racist for this

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I agree with her

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I’m sick and tired of these “Would you like to see [insert name here] as a playable character in super smash bros ultimate? I feel like he/she deserves it, he/she’s appeared in video games and that seems to be good enough these days with people asking for Goku and other awful characters like that, I feel that [insert name here] has a way better chance then Goku what do you think?” And “Would you like to see [insert name here] as a playable character in super smash bros ultimate?” It’s stupid and dumb, just stop

Fuck Geno


I couldn’t watch today’s Nintendo Direct, can anyone tell me what happened with the smash ultimate part of it?

I already know who helped made the Bowsette cancer, it was Rakkuguy, just why did he do it? Out of all of his fantastic work like his Gardevoir, he had to create a something spreading as a bio-weapon, this is so sad

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