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Tremor the Earth God/Aura God Alt #2
Made for Lewds and Memes
Made for Lewds and Memes
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Name: Tremor/Terra
species: Lucario/Braixen/Lopunny/Umbreon/Victini/Mew/Blaziken/Sylveon/Gardevoir/Weavile/Garchomp/Pikachu/Greninja/Meloetta (Aria Form and Pirouette Form)/Lycanroc (Midight and Midday)/Incineroar/Zorua/Zeraora/Gallade/Delphox/Meowstic/Decidueye/Arceus/Lunala/Solgaleo/Shaymin (Both Land and Sky)/Tsareena/Tapu Lele/Tapu Fini/Chespin/Pancham/Keldeo/Magearna/Salazzle/Lugia/Shadow Lugia/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Zorua/Buizel/Flareon/ (Mainly Lucario)
Gender: Male/Female/Futa
Powers: Shapeshifting, Cloning, Gender swap, mega Evolve, Shine then un-shine
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Dom or Sub: Both
Lover: +Nay Fluffy boi

Dad: +Tiki Falcon (cant tag)
Mom: +Yakie The Gardevoir {Mother/Fatty/Feeder/Kawaii}
Member: +James The Fox Hugger
Boyfriend: +Nay Fluffy boi
Brothers: +Venom Fox jr +FoxyGamer 1 +DarkKirby8976 /Light Pikachu The Noble +The Fluffy Eevee/+Kass the Bird Daddy (cant tag) +Free de la Hoya +SINISTER ELUSIVE +Nicole Umbreon +Aero The Lugia +Arno Auditore
Brother/Pet: +Fang The Savage sniper
Sisters: +Princess Frost The Glaceon +Princess The Sylveon +Cinnamon Swirl
Sons: +Obsidian The Gaming Zorua +Zozzie the zorua +Phantom Eevee +Crystal the eevee trainer +Acero The Lucario (cant tag) +kittycake cookie (cant tag)
Grandson: +Lucas Martínez Parra
Pets: +Jin D'wolf
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Can someone make VoiceoverPete say this?

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Guy thinks Japanese developers are racist for this

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I agree with her

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I’m sick and tired of these “Would you like to see [insert name here] as a playable character in super smash bros ultimate? I feel like he/she deserves it, he/she’s appeared in video games and that seems to be good enough these days with people asking for Goku and other awful characters like that, I feel that [insert name here] has a way better chance then Goku what do you think?” And “Would you like to see [insert name here] as a playable character in super smash bros ultimate?” It’s stupid and dumb, just stop

Fuck Geno


I couldn’t watch today’s Nintendo Direct, can anyone tell me what happened with the smash ultimate part of it?
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