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Book Blogger, Festival Organiser, Writer
Book Blogger, Festival Organiser, Writer

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This is the end
As I now have a website, and am able to blog there, I feel that having a separate blog is no longer needed and so I'm closing this one. I'll still be reviewing, interviewing, having guest posts and blogging over on my website: but ...

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It's the end of the year post
As ever the end of the year prompts a "best of" round up. I've read 90 books this year (way down on previous years - but due to writing a novel and publishing a short story collection!) I have only rated 9 as Brilliant - this is a lower percentage than prev...

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Cover Reveal - The Dark Half of the Year
The North Bristol Writers have been working on a book this year and it's almost ready. It's called "The Dark Half of the Year" and it's a collection of ghost tales - the idea was for it to be ready by Christmas in the best M R James fashion with all stories...

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The discovery challenge
Back in more optimistic times I agreed to do the Discoverability Challenge - to read 1 woman, new to me, per month and write a review. For no other reason than me being rubbish this has not happened. So I'm going to commit to doing it again next year. Pleas...

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Reflections on the manic con & fest season
This is quite a long rambling post reflecting on around about 3 years of "stuff"  - it grew in the telling. It also includes a few thoughts about this year's festival of literature and BristolCon - so if that's what you're after bear with me a few paragraph...

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Just a quick reminder that I'll be at BristolCon My books will be on sale on the North Bristol Writers table in the vendor room I'll be on two panels - as a moderator on one and panelist on the other And I'll be doing a reading from Sick City Syndrome 10:00...

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Review - David Tallerman & Anthony Summey
21st Century Gods by David Tallerman & Anthony Summey I was so happy to be able to snag a copy of this from Netgalley. I've been a big fan of Tallerman's since I read Giant Thief and have enjoyed everything I've read from him so far. So when he announced he...

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Guest post - Rosemary Dun
Rosemary Dun is a lover of words and a performer of poetry – she’s been known to whip out her ukulele (unless you ask her very nicely not to!) The Trouble With Love is her debut novel with Sphere, Little Brown, and she couldn't be more delighted. She’s also...

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Reviews - Two by Teodor Reljic & Starve better by Nick Mamatas
Two books of two halves Nick Mamatas has written a book in two halves - Lies and Life. I read this for the Lies part - his advice to writers and there was plenty of inteersting advice from the writer and editor. I like that some of it chimed with my own wri...
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