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Stream just posted an interview with me about personal branding. Check it out for some valuable tips:
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ClickScoop just posted an interview with me, check it out here:

Some of the things we talk about in this interview:
- How to get started from nothing and grow to making $100 a day.
- What I would do now if I had to start all over again.
- Creative ways to create your own products.
- Newbie mistakes to avoid.
And more :-)
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Eric Holmlund

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yea they needed to cause they have soooo much stuff on the menu
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Eric Holmlund

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Posted some pictures from my recent trip to Louisiana and an update about the mural project:
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Is there any chance you have photos of the progress that you can make into a time lapse? 
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Like the Emperor's New Clothes, many Facebook advertisers are afraid to admit they aren't seeing results:

Here's a quote from the article:

"Every day I talk to brands that are disillusioned with Facebook and are now placing their bets on other social sites — but few of them want to go on the record. Lately, though, more brands and agencies have started speaking openly to the media about how Facebook is failing them. One former Facebook advertiser referred to Facebook as 'one of the most lucrative grifts of all time.'"

I'll admit I had to look up the word "grift" and it means swindle.
Facebook is dependent on advertisers. But, now advertisers are starting to get fed up with Facebook. Does this mean trouble ahead for the stock?
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Eric Holmlund

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How fake FB likes could be hurting your page and ripping you off as an advertiser: Facebook Fraud
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So how do you get real FB likes if you don't have many Friends?
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Eric Holmlund

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Eric, I'm sorry to write here but I don't know to go to your blog ... sorry ... I'm back and I should chat with you tomorrow afternoon to make the rest of my website... Can you tell me what do you think to my business plan ? I realy like what you doing with me and that's bother me than all this type of sickness came through the lesson but I hope than It's finish and I need to find a mhouse or a plan to but condo or a house so can you tell me ???
Have a nic day
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Have you given much thought to your marketing narrative? It's vital to the success of your business...
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Eric Holmlund

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I don't consider myself to be an environmentalist per se, but I love our planet and this is really sad... especially the part about the fish...
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Sometimes people get their sums wrong...

"But they said they'd calculated that the environmental damage from burning the fuel to do that job would be worse than just leaving the debris there."

You don't have to burn fuel to clean up the mess - just a few brain cells - a lot of joined up thinking - connected computing ...
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I teach people how to make money online.
    I teach people how to make money online., 2004 - present
Internet Marketer & Online Business Teacher

Eric Holmlund is an internet marketer who has generated millions of dollars of online sales for various products, including his own.

He began dabbling in Internet marketing in 1999, and has been doing it full time since 2003. Eric started the business with about $40, and has grown it into a seven-figure business, all while working from home with no employees.

He has outsourced some parts of the business, and parts of it run largely on autopilot, which gives Eric the flexibility to take vacations, mission trips, and enjoy his family.

Some of Eric’s marketing specialties include affiliate marketing, copywriting, joint ventures, and product launches. He enjoys helping others succeed, and he teaches his strategies via his Eric’s Tips website (join here).

Eric loves the arts, and enjoys video and music production. He wrote, directed and produced the internet’s first full-fledged competitive reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire, and also runs an independent record label.

Eric currently resides in Colorado with his wife and six children. Together they are active in their church, and they also run an online prayer ministry which was started by Eric in 2004.

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