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Doctor Who: Who The Man
Hosted (rumbled) by Rhys Parton
Hosted (rumbled) by Rhys Parton


The up coming episodes will include;

1. A report on the next Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in the next one, possibly featuring the voice of listener/guest on a previous episode/co-host on another podcast Sandro JF, we're going to the show together.

2. A review of Time of The Doctor (finally!) after that.

3. A look back on the Matt Smith era, which might spread into an episodes or two after that as well

And 4. (hopefully!) feedback from you! If you have thoughts you want to share on Matt's last (so far) last appearance, and indeed his entire time, on ‪#DoctorWho‬, send them to Come on, you know what I'll be talking about, send 'em in!

Quick, favourite #DoctorWho  Christmas episode(s, I'm allowing three because I have three that are tied) and I sentence or two (or even three, to match the number of episodes).

Mind are The Christmas Invasion; because of how excited I was at the time, this was the other side of the first regeneration I had seen and I wanted to see the New Doctor, AND it was an episode at Christmas (well, one that celebrated being there, other than Hartnell breaking the fourth wall to wish us merry Christmas) - a first time for everything.

A Christmas Carol - it's a clever way to bring the original story into a show with the ability to time travel, the cast are brilliant, Murray Gold's score is Christmas-ie and Doctor Who-ie at the same time (it gave us some of the best versions of I Am The Doctor at the time) and it look superb.

And The Snowmen. It gives us one of the best versions of Clara, the return of Vastra, Jenny and Strax, a bit of a preview of what will become The Doctor's new look (although it does change a bit come Bells of Saint John, etc) and again, the music is brilliant (with even more lovely versions of I Am The Doctor). Richard E. Grant and Ian McKellen's voice were fantastic guest stars, too. And it a hell of a lot of fun, with the right mix a poignant thrown in.

What ya got for me (and no arguing, children, let's just share some thoughts)?

Due to the information from this email from iTunes;

"Dear podcast provider,

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During that time, Submit a Podcast will not be accessible and you will not be able to submit new podcasts. Processing of metadata changes to existing podcasts will be delayed.

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The Christmas episode I had planned for the 25th won't be done. Instead my next episode will be my farewelling of Matt Smith and welcoming to Peter Capaldi with me review of Time of The Doctor sometime after the 27th.

In the mean time have a wonderful festive season (however you celebrate it and enjoy your family and the new #DoctorWho!

#DoctorWho‬  news literally just in, a few minutes ago Peter Davison tweeted; "I will be going to Australia and NZ in February for Dr Who Symphonic tour, and will be available for the England team…. oh bugger, too late!".

Myself and Sandro JF from An Improbable Podcast (and more) will be there and will see the fine Cricketing 5th Doctor actor hosting this equally fine event when it hits Melbourne.

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I forgot to publicise the fact that... episode 67 is here! I've been away for a few months but I've returned to, in my usual waffling, rambling style, talk about the #DoctorWho  ‪50th Anniversary celebrations (including #TheDayofTheDoctor   #AnAdventureInSpaceandTime , #TheNightofTheDoctor ‪‬‬ AND #TheFiveishDoctors ) and what I loved about them.

Do enjoy. And do let me know what you thought of any of the above episodes/special events or something I may have forgotten by sending some feedback to OR commenting on this post.

Oh, and Happy 50th Anniversary (it's a bit late I know, but it's the idea that counts).

I'm planning two episodes soon. That's right, I'll be back soon! The next episode (hopefully out this afternoon) will be catching up on the various #DoctorWho  episodes I've missed and the 50th anniversary content I haven't covered. The next after that will be out on the 25th (well, for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, I know I'm ahead a bit) but I'll need feedback for that! Send in your thoughts of the 50th, on Adventures in Space and Time, on your hopes for Christmas and what the exciting Peter Capaldi will give us in the 12th Doctor*.

*If you need reminding where to send that to it's;

#DoctorWho news: This just in; at the recent screening of The Eleventh Hour and The Name of The Doctor, Steven Moffat announced that season eight will not  be split.

There are rumours doing the rounds that there will be 12 (13 if you count - and if they make - a Christmas episode for the end of next year) episodes. I for one don't mind 12 if they're shown in one go, we need to get to get know the new incarnation of our favourite Time Lord and I don't think we'd be able to do that with just 5 or 6 and then the rest later on.

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It's been confirmed (as I had guessed) that Doctor Who season 7 part 2 will begin on the 31st Down Under.


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