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Deep in the Woods
I've moved around from one city to the next throughout my museum career, but my heart has always belonged deep in the woods. When I'm not doing what I love in the museum world, I'm typically off hiking through nature or camping in the backcountry. My tattoo...

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Sugar Skull
I have many tattoos, this is 1 of 11. I love skulls and to celebrate my roots (I'm from Mexico), I decided to get a Mexican sugar skull tattoo. This is not yet finished, but soon it will have bright colors. Karla Hernandez PROBEA Administrative Coordinator ...

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For Christmas in 2005, my son gave me a gift certificate for a tattoo. In January 2006, he went with me to have it done. I keep wondering how many sons would do that for their mother? Anyway, I have always found dragonflies to be kind of magical and there a...

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I had been wanting a tattoo for years, but couldn’t settle on the design, having several stored up in my mind, on paper, bookmarked online and in books.  I picked up a book on Vintage Tattoos and came across the flash of Bert Grimm.  Many had a military or ...

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Bouquet of Wire Flowers
Although I
didn't do so well in undergrad art history, I did discover a love for Alexander
Calder. In 2013, as part of a hair/blog project ( ), I
decided to get another tattoo. Scouring Calder books, I found this image: Apparently, it w...

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Methuselah Tree
I had been pursuing another idea based around my life as a musician, but this image of the Methuselah tree kept coming back to me. The Methuselah tree, at about 5,000 years old, is the oldest continuous living non-clonal organism in the world. (For info on ...

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Occult Musings
One thing I love about being an exhibit designer is that you learn about so many fascinating things and meet such interesting people. I have very wide interests: this tattoo represents a few of my more spiritual or occult musings. It is also meant to look w...

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Jolly Roger and Family Crest
tattoos were done by Josh Garcia of Anchor's End . The first one (with the
dragon and masks) is an original design from me, drawn by a friend and modified
by Josh. It's supposed to be my own Jolly Roger. Beginning in high school, I
became obsessed with...

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T his tattoo was
designed/created by an artist in Albuquerque NM based on what I had sketched on
an airplane while traveling to visit my youngest son who is in the Air Force
and was being deployed to Iraq.  The design incorporates my 4
children (the 4 heart...

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Dancing Skeleton
My life is not of my own,
but of the people I encounter, even if briefly. The actions I take today impact
the lives of those who come after me. I like giving back to the world, even if
it means that I won’t see the intended result in my lifetime. I’ve spent...
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