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June Gaul
Works at I don't work I'm waiting to be tested to see if I can go on the lung transplant list.
Attended school in the UK
Lived in I have been lucky to live in different countries in my lifetime, my dad was in the RAF (royal air force).
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June Gaul

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This was shared on March 23rd 2016 and I think its fantastic BTW it was put together by +Google Cloud
and I think you'll like the 360° tour here & enjoy
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June Gaul

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10 Scientific Studies From 2016 Showing #Cannabis Is Safe and Effective
The year has seen mounting research that points to the claims that marijuana is safe and more effective than other therapeutic agents.
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June Gaul

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On the way home from the pain clinic I received a phone call from Baylor-Texas transplant department. They received my referral for a double lung transplant, they will be contacting my insurance company to check for coverage. Then depending on how that goes they'll call me to set up the initial consult with the transplant team etc.
I also have a consultation with a cardiologist, then set up a full cardiac work up. I hope it won't affect my chances of a double lung transplant.
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This is our lives , damn insurance better help!~
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June Gaul

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June Gaul

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June Gaul

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WELP, you should've seen the two of us trying to get my wheeler down the first flight of stairs to my Cardiologist office. We made it to the middle landing and I suddenly remembered there was an entrance to that floor at the back of the building. BUT, I was stuck, heart pounding, beads of sweat, shaking and gasping for breath I told hubby to go in and register. I ended up sat on the stairs near 15 mins with a nurse and nurses assistant, waiting for my heart, blood pressure and anything else to calm down.

I have been complaining about my heart and symptoms I've had when it's decided to go nuts for some time now, asking if it's my heart causing my breathing to go off or vice versa. Over the past few month's I've learnt to recognise the difference when I'm out of breath due to my heart I can breathe and not need a rescue treatment. It seems that the CT scan I had done at the end of 2016 picked up calcium in my heart, according to the cardiologist it's a significant amount in order to show up on a CT scan of my lungs.

I have been assimilated with the latest technology for continuous heart monitoring at home because I have so many episodes with my heart on a daily basis I'll only be assimilated for a week. I then pull it off drop it back in it's box and mail it back to the lab for interpretation. The only downfall to this type of device is it uses onboard memory, it doesn't nor does the patient call central after an event or symptoms, I could be having mild heart attacks and not know it. During the time of my assimilation, I'll have a lexiscan cardiolite stress test, an electrocardiogram US, echocardiogram, transthoracic complete with color flow.

I can only hope and pray this is not going to affect the transplant process.
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I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care
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June Gaul

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People should spend more time caring what Steven Hawking, Bill Gates, or Neil deGrasse Tyson say and less time what Trump or the Kardashians say.
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June Gaul

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We and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are discussing global temperature data and 2016 climate trends during a teleconference at 11 a.m. EST. Details:
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I can't get over how dry so much of North America is. It's staggering.
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June Gaul

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Living with Lupus,COPD, Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase Deficiency and possible tick born diseases.
Who am I?? I'll start by saying I laugh at myself, if I do something wrong or silly, I give myself away because I'll suddenly start laughing. Well I thought no one noticed this till an ex-boss told me...oops.  I have a child like amazement of nature, scared afew people with my squeels and gasps of "LOOK". Try doing that while scuba diving or snorkling.  I can't lie, even white lies are hard for me, I believe in the truth.  I would rather be hurt by the truth than be betrayed with a lie.  Being the type that believes in the good in people I have stories were this got me nothing but trouble. I had to give up working and dream ceramics studio due to being ill.  I still cling to the idea that 'maybe one day'..thats slowly fading. I have trouble at times getting the right words out...oooohh I get so frustraited but still laugh. At times I forget how to spell or words get placed wrong or go you never know what comes out. I try very hard to keep my sense of humour but at times doubt, frustration etc take over.Welp thats it for now...maybe I'll add more maybe I wont.Thank you for your intrest oh oh I'm soft spoken and call everyone sweetie or honey....I'm not getting fresh :0)
Bragging rights
I hatched and raised a duck (Gem) and yes she lives in the wild with her own kind and no I didn't sit on the egg. I've also raised, healed and rehabed wild animals, yep they are still wild afraid of humans.
  • school in the UK
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  • I don't work I'm waiting to be tested to see if I can go on the lung transplant list.
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I have been lucky to live in different countries in my lifetime, my dad was in the RAF (royal air force).
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