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HR Generalist & Social Media Advocate


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Gummy bears, laptop, smartphones, and all the other toys are somewhere on the floor connected to some power cords being recharged. Best weekend in a long time ;-)

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New on my blog: What Do You Do With Your Facebook Fans?

It's great to have lots of people who seem to love your Facebook fan page. But did you really think about what you wanted to achieve? And does it really help your business?

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My new blog post: Social Media Experts Who Don't Use Social Media?

In summary, my point is that social media is still young and evolving very fast. This is why you can't just treat it like a 9-5 job but need to be actively involved and passionate about it.

Otherwise you will probably fall back on Communication 1.0 strategies (broadcasting) and never achieve any engagement with your audience.

+Jeff Dickey-Chasins serious question: do you really think that it's HR's job to be afraid of social media? Why?

My new blog post: Is HR Afraid Of Social Media?

So far a lot of recruiters seem to like this post ;-)
But of course, I would love to hear from my HR colleagues!

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Just saw this billboard at London Heathrow.

Of all the employers who always say how they develop their people and that potential is totally important: how many would hire the ugly piece of charcoal rather than the shiny diamond?

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I like the G+ mobile app but you can't refresh manually.

I think this is arrogant. To me it says that G's app is so good that I can rely on that the info is always current.

Which is not the case. I received almost a day ago an email saying that Jeff @jobboarddoctor added me to his circles, but it only got visible in the app a moment ago.

Of course I could have clicked the link in the email and followed up in the browser, but that's not really the idea of a mobile app.

Anyway, I'm still in London and writing this at the hotel bar on my HTC Desire. And yes, I'm starting to miss my laptop. So a couple of +1's and/or comments would be appreciated. And of course I'd love to know what you think about this ;-)

Another person just tested my Apply With LinkedIn Button. Who's next?

US debt visualized in 100 dollar bills with great graphics

LinkedIn question: what do you do when strangers want to connect?
Accept, ignore, ask why they want to connect?
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