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Joint Venture of Munich's four Universities to support Social Entrepreneurs!
Joint Venture of Munich's four Universities to support Social Entrepreneurs!

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Post has attachment put together an unmissable list of the 100 Brilliant Companies of 2012.  In their own words, it is "Entrepreneur's annual look at the brightest ideas, the hottest industries and the most insightful innovators".  Don't miss it!

Apply now for our Global Entrepreneurship Summer School. Sponsorships cover 50% of flight expenses, accommodation for 10 Days in Munich (during Oktoberfest) and much more. Go for it now:

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It´s in less than 1 hour! World Food Programme will host a Google+ hangout at 3pm EDT on the Sahel Hunger Crisis, as reported by +Matt Petronzio in
You can also join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #food4sahel.

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Can the creation of local, micro economies help young people through difficult economic times (and, who knows, outlive them)? The team behind Producia - - thinks so. And they might be on to something.

In their own words, "Producia is an online/offline platform that empowers college students and Generation Y to overcome the obstacles of a shortage of capital to become impactful social entrepreneurs." They will release their alpha-version in July 2012 in Richmond, Virginia, but are looking for people interested in implementing the idea elsewhere.

The model is a gamified microeconomy where the digital barter currency is called The Fini. Check out their blog to know more!

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The great series "The World at Work" highlights, in their own words "the people, projects and startups that are driving innovation and making the world a better place."

Here ( they write about the online volunteering portal, which allows you to donate your talents to non-profit causes, instead of money - creating a lot more engagement and fun!

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Tim Devaney and Tom Stein suggest that "The Next Billion-Dollar #Startup Will Address a Basic Human Need":

While it is perhaps an obvious affirmation in hindsight, it's easier said than done. But it offers insight on how every #entrepeneur should set his motivations straight before embarking on his journey, an issue this great post by Kevin D. Johnson in "BizWizKevin - Advice for Entrepreneurs" adresses:

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If you use Google+, chances are high you've heard of, or even circled +Guy Kawasaki . In the post linked below for, Emily Price talks about Guy's impressions of Google+.
If you still have doubts of how Google+ can help you expand your experience as an #entrepeneur, I highly reccomend the reading of Guy's ebook, "What The Plus?" (available in, where he explains why Google+ is the ideal social media for your passions.

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Forty years ago, Indira Gandhi asked what is now a rethorical question: "Must there be a conflict between technology and a truly better world?"
The article by Thane Kreiner linked below gives inspiring examples of social entrepeneurs making a change throughout the developing world.

#Eco #Green #SocEnt

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Entrepreneurial Spirit in India. We like!

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