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The +Carbon CMS  project is getting bigger and bigger, lots of great features are being added, and I can't wait to use the final product.

I'm proud to announce that I've released a temporary landing page of Carbon CMS at which shows all the latest and greatest news and information regarding to Carbon CMS and it's release. As soon as Carbon CMS is released, the landing page will be replaced with the official product website, which will include a community portal, a marketplace for modules, a developers portal and a lot of other great features. An overview of the current development process should be available soon, on the very same website.

Also, I would like to release a bit more information about the modules system baked into Carbon CMS. Imagine a system that allows you to add any feature you can think of, that's exactly what we're going for. The modules system we're introducing with the release of our product allows anyone to fully customize and enhance their website with the push of a button. Besides, it's extremely easy for any developer to start creating modules, using the developer portal that will be released together with the main product. For more information, visit:

Make sure to check the website out at:

// +Tim Visée  — Founder

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