The Myth of AI
I agree with most of what #Jaron #Lanier says in his statements from November 2014. In particular I agree with his relaxed view on the #myth and illusion of #artificial #intelligence as a freestanding autonomous creature. - Lanier's most brilliant sentence is this:
People have been disempowered to serve what were perceived to be the needs of a deity, where in fact what they were doing was supporting an elite class that was the priesthood for that deity. [..] The effect of the new religious idea of AI is a lot like the old idea, religion.
Great. - Below my points of view where I differ from Lanier:

The approach to work on #AI is for Lanier (as a software architect) of course to work on something great and to do good. When some result is bad, it can only mean, it's not fully developed yet. When an #algorithm is manipulative, then there must be a conceptual weak point in it.

- Well, Lanier is not naive. He knows, there are algorithms that are intendedly manipulative or have otherwise terrible purposes. But it is a characteristic of the American culture: it's unthinkable to talk about the evil side of the US. - "US" means: We are the good ones. Period.
Ok, if you like. - But for the future of AI we have to consider:

Space rockets were developed initially to carry nuclear #weapons in event of #war around the globe (manned space flight is a side product). Integrated circuits were developed to test, operate and navigate nuclear weapons (PCs are a side product). The internet was developed to communicate in event of nuclear war (online newspapers, YouTube etc. are a side product). GPS was developed to guide missiles and vessels on targets (information systems for tourists and drivers are a side product)..
And today development of AI is underway .. guess to what purpose. - #Face #recognition, real-time translation, #autonomous driving units etc. are (militarily useful) side products .
In the first place ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL BE DEVELOPED TO BE A WEAPON ITSELF - not mainly to guide missiles - but to guide imperceptibly (nevertheless to a totalitarian extent) this: minds, newspapers, industries, strategic famine, emotions, opinions, votes .

At this point Jaron Lanier's rational explanation of AI is just as bad as #Bostrom's nebulous semi-religious fairy tales. It distracts from the real nature of the strategic think tank that rules the US , it distracts from their intentions in development of AI.
AI is not a fate that "happens to us". AI is planned ahead as final means to gain #global #dominance and to control people irreversibly.
AI is neither a higher power nor only a useful tool. - AI is intended fate (that fulfils long before AI comes close to #human intelligence).

Some call this event the arrival of #singularity. I would prefer to modify Immanuel Kant's famous definition (Was ist Aufklärung?, 1784):

More about my view on AI here:
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