Stephen Hawking: Threats to humans come from technology
#Stephen #Hawking's warning (in answer to audience questions) at his recent BBC lecture is wrong at all points.

Hawking: “We will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period.”
- In my view it will take rather four hundred years from now before exodus from Earth starts. - But that's not the point. Hawking's reasoning for #space #flight (independency and therefore safety) is nonsense in general. Colonies in space can generally never act independently and "self-sustaining" - for political reasons. I proved it here:

Hawking: "Progress in #science and #technology becomes an ever greater threat to our existence."
- Technology in itself isn't a threat. Threat is about sociology, not tech. - Technology is a threat in the hands of an uncontrolled system like U.S. capitalism. You should ask: Who built the first A-bomb, who built the first A-submarine, the first laser-guided missile, killer drone etc.
Hawking: "Threat humans now face come from [.. new] nuclear weapons and from genetics."
You should ask: Who converts today its arsenal into tiny tactical A-missiles, so nuclear weapons can be used without calling it a nuclear war? Who works on new weapons like genetically engineered viruses?
(For analysing Hawkins' perverted thoughts on man breeding it's not the right place here.)

Hawking speaks of "disasters" that can happen to humanity.
- What happens to humanity (to be clear: I speak of #totalitarianism) happens not accidentally, it is NOT a "disaster", it is PLANNED AHEAD by humans. Hawking is right in the one part of the issue: the U.S. ideology will prevail. But he is wrong in the other part: that that would be a good thing. People do not see how totalitarian the U.S. are already today. - You can see more here:

Hawking: #Global #warming is one of the greatest threats facing humankind."
- The real question is, who uses the world's oil consumption as a weapon? Who manipulates the oil price by surplus production? - Henry Kissinger did manage in the 1980s (by a Saudi agreement) to ruin the Russian economy by low oil prices.
Today they try the same again by abruptly exploiting U.S. shale oil to a huge extent and at the worst moment by lifting the Iran sanctions. - No matter it ruins all efforts to stop the world from burning oil.
Stephen Hawking is too narrow-minded to see this is criminal politics and not "global warming", not human nature or what ever he thinks.

Hawking: “A superintelligent #AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we’re in trouble."
- Hawking circulates the fairy tales of #artificial #intelligence as a freestanding autonomous creature. - But the threat to our existence is NOT unpredictability of AI - it is (to the contrary) the clear purpose of AI intended by a dark clique.
Long before artificial intelligence will be able to accomplish own goals (if ever) it will enable to turn #humanity into a "mentally guided" humanity.
Being possessed by far and future superlatives Hawking is incompetent to see how close the takeover in fact is (takeover not by machines but by a well-known globally operating brotherhood).

My bottom line: Hawking's #threat statements are populist without any substantial analysis and obscure all real causes.
- Apart from that, how stupid and wrong Hawking's thinking in fundamental physics is, I discussed here:

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