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“There is no gravity of the universe” is like “Earth is not the center”. – Priests avoid notice.
“There is no gravity of the universe” is like “Earth is not the center”. – Priests avoid notice.


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Stephen Hawking: Threats to humans come from technology
#Stephen #Hawking's warning (in answer to audience questions) at his recent BBC lecture is wrong at all points.

Hawking: “We will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period.”
- In my view it will take rather four hundred years from now before exodus from Earth starts. - But that's not the point. Hawking's reasoning for #space #flight (independency and therefore safety) is nonsense in general. Colonies in space can generally never act independently and "self-sustaining" - for political reasons. I proved it here:

Hawking: "Progress in #science and #technology becomes an ever greater threat to our existence."
- Technology in itself isn't a threat. Threat is about sociology, not tech. - Technology is a threat in the hands of an uncontrolled system like U.S. capitalism. You should ask: Who built the first A-bomb, who built the first A-submarine, the first laser-guided missile, killer drone etc.
Hawking: "Threat humans now face come from [.. new] nuclear weapons and from genetics."
You should ask: Who converts today its arsenal into tiny tactical A-missiles, so nuclear weapons can be used without calling it a nuclear war? Who works on new weapons like genetically engineered viruses?
(For analysing Hawkins' perverted thoughts on man breeding it's not the right place here.)

Hawking speaks of "disasters" that can happen to humanity.
- What happens to humanity (to be clear: I speak of #totalitarianism) happens not accidentally, it is NOT a "disaster", it is PLANNED AHEAD by humans. Hawking is right in the one part of the issue: the U.S. ideology will prevail. But he is wrong in the other part: that that would be a good thing. People do not see how totalitarian the U.S. are already today. - You can see more here:

Hawking: #Global #warming is one of the greatest threats facing humankind."
- The real question is, who uses the world's oil consumption as a weapon? Who manipulates the oil price by surplus production? - Henry Kissinger did manage in the 1980s (by a Saudi agreement) to ruin the Russian economy by low oil prices.
Today they try the same again by abruptly exploiting U.S. shale oil to a huge extent and at the worst moment by lifting the Iran sanctions. - No matter it ruins all efforts to stop the world from burning oil.
Stephen Hawking is too narrow-minded to see this is criminal politics and not "global warming", not human nature or what ever he thinks.

Hawking: “A superintelligent #AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we’re in trouble."
- Hawking circulates the fairy tales of #artificial #intelligence as a freestanding autonomous creature. - But the threat to our existence is NOT unpredictability of AI - it is (to the contrary) the clear purpose of AI intended by a dark clique.
Long before artificial intelligence will be able to accomplish own goals (if ever) it will enable to turn #humanity into a "mentally guided" humanity.
Being possessed by far and future superlatives Hawking is incompetent to see how close the takeover in fact is (takeover not by machines but by a well-known globally operating brotherhood).

My bottom line: Hawking's #threat statements are populist without any substantial analysis and obscure all real causes.
- Apart from that, how stupid and wrong Hawking's thinking in fundamental physics is, I discussed here:

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The Myth of AI
I agree with most of what #Jaron #Lanier says in his statements from November 2014. In particular I agree with his relaxed view on the #myth and illusion of #artificial #intelligence as a freestanding autonomous creature. - Lanier's most brilliant sentence is this:
People have been disempowered to serve what were perceived to be the needs of a deity, where in fact what they were doing was supporting an elite class that was the priesthood for that deity. [..] The effect of the new religious idea of AI is a lot like the old idea, religion.
Great. - Below my points of view where I differ from Lanier:

The approach to work on #AI is for Lanier (as a software architect) of course to work on something great and to do good. When some result is bad, it can only mean, it's not fully developed yet. When an #algorithm is manipulative, then there must be a conceptual weak point in it.

- Well, Lanier is not naive. He knows, there are algorithms that are intendedly manipulative or have otherwise terrible purposes. But it is a characteristic of the American culture: it's unthinkable to talk about the evil side of the US. - "US" means: We are the good ones. Period.
Ok, if you like. - But for the future of AI we have to consider:

Space rockets were developed initially to carry nuclear #weapons in event of #war around the globe (manned space flight is a side product). Integrated circuits were developed to test, operate and navigate nuclear weapons (PCs are a side product). The internet was developed to communicate in event of nuclear war (online newspapers, YouTube etc. are a side product). GPS was developed to guide missiles and vessels on targets (information systems for tourists and drivers are a side product)..
And today development of AI is underway .. guess to what purpose. - #Face #recognition, real-time translation, #autonomous driving units etc. are (militarily useful) side products .
In the first place ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL BE DEVELOPED TO BE A WEAPON ITSELF - not mainly to guide missiles - but to guide imperceptibly (nevertheless to a totalitarian extent) this: minds, newspapers, industries, strategic famine, emotions, opinions, votes .

At this point Jaron Lanier's rational explanation of AI is just as bad as #Bostrom's nebulous semi-religious fairy tales. It distracts from the real nature of the strategic think tank that rules the US , it distracts from their intentions in development of AI.
AI is not a fate that "happens to us". AI is planned ahead as final means to gain #global #dominance and to control people irreversibly.
AI is neither a higher power nor only a useful tool. - AI is intended fate (that fulfils long before AI comes close to #human intelligence).

Some call this event the arrival of #singularity. I would prefer to modify Immanuel Kant's famous definition (Was ist Aufklärung?, 1784):

More about my view on AI here:
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Why there will never be another Einstein
+John Horgan underlined (in August 2015): No modern scientist comes close to #Einstein's moral as well as scientific stature.
- For sure, when I apply this to myself, it's obvious. I can't even solve the simplest integral. - But let's discuss why I agree in a wider sense.

100 years of aberrations like " #bubbleuniverse ", " #darkenergy ", "focal point of the universe", " #FLRWmetric" etc. - that is a much more enduring impact than, say, the impact of the Pope who sentenced Giordano Bruno to death. 100 YEARS OF DARKNESS - indeed a record that is unsurpassable.
But that's not the point. - The true reason, why there will never be another Einstein, is not the genius of a scientist. It is the hermetic system we live in, the filter bubble we will not be able again to penetrate. More precisely: Those who control the global system of research will have no interest in replacing Einstein's doctrine - for ever.

It is surely impossible to come close to Einstein's moral,

to his two-faced personality : he sent the famous "Let's a-bomb!" letter to the US president and was famous speaker at pacifist meetings.

to his flippancy in right and wrong : he called his cosmological constant a "blunder", instead of calling in general the application of the field equations to the universe a crime against science.

to his tendency toward political subversion : he was obsessed by international conspiracy and global dominance.

But that's not the point. - The true reason why there will never be another Einstein, is not the moral of a scientist. It is the system we live in, where moral of a physicist has only one characteristic: acknowledgment of the status quo in physics: Einstein's physics .

More about my view on Einstein here:
Why There Will Never Be Another Einstein
Why There Will Never Be Another Einstein
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The real agenda behind the #OpenAI project
Their statement is: " The project will take however long it takes to build #artificial general #intelligence." - But their relaxed attitude is pretended. #Altman and #Musk try to persuade us of "openness of the future". The truth is, the next 30 years will bring this openness to a halt. - Read my commentary .. on the interview
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Naming exoplanets
In general naming is celebrated for the loved ones. - This emotional approach to exoplanets is intended. Proponents of the procedure even call some exoplanets "worlds", "super-Earth" and "habitable".

Of course no one on earth will ever reach #exoplanets, much less inhabit them. (But I guess, the genes of those who ruin today #planet #Earth and #humanity will be sent on the journey one day. - Explanation here : )

The purpose of naming exoplanets is similar to the purpose of Hollywood: it doesn't matter what happens with the real world as long as some illusions are comforting.
The question is: who is more perverted - those who stage the exoplanet illusion intendedly (this way it's not that important when planet Earth gets ruined) or those who applaud when getting blinded.
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Perlmutter's "Gravity of the Universe"
The documentary "Invisible Universe Revealed" was today aired in German TV (after it was first aired in April 2015 in the U.S.).
Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess repeated once again their theory: Expansion of the #universe is accelerated by #dark #energy and slowed down by #gravity.

This case wouldn't be worth a post here - every day #PRL's are published that base on the ΛCDM model.
The point is, the topic of this TV documentary that promotes massively S. Perlmutter's (wrong) ideas, has actually nothing to do with Perlmutter's work. The TV documentary is actually about the #Hubble #Space #Telescope. - So, what force manages this subtile disinformation?
Well, the force that controls U.S. science knows how to establish their doctrine. The intention behind #Perlmutter's activities is not to track truth in a scientific field but to establish an ideology in the public awareness.
The PR industry (like the #Nobel Prize Committee and popsci TV channels) - that is Perlmutter's domain (or should I say: his family).
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Pwning Tomorrow
EFF publishes a speculative #fiction anthology: "The 21 stories in this collection inspire a sharper sense of the futures we may experience and the role of rights and freedoms there."
- I agree, EFF does an essential job for today's rights and freedoms. But as for the 21 authors I'm sceptical. I wrote my own (non-fiction) #future analysis just one year ago.

After I finished it I know there is sadly no tomorrow and I have no need for stories about "over-protective intelligent fridges".
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An extended answer to Stephen Wolfram's self-interrogation:
What Is Spacetime, Really? - A New Kind of Science
I do not feel authorised to offer criticism against the scientific method of an extraordinarily successful author and scientist like #Stephen #Wolfram. But I have to in some points:

The halfscientific method/ approach to zoom in into a topic and to hope to find something actually leads to nothing. To search for #quantized #space at 10^minus18 meters and when nothing happens there, to search at 10^minus34 meters, is vanity and not necessity. ( Vanity of others in this case, but Wolfram cites it. Necessity see point 5.)

The (nonscientific) method to mention in a paper any possible keyword related to a topic, to make speculations in all possible directions and to hope to be the first this way who "discovered" the great new trail of #science, is ridiculous rather. (It's the "Steinhardt Method" , "Aaronson Method" or simply " J Method".)

Wolfram is the second famous victim of the Law of the instrument. [1]
Having developed his cellular automata algorithms Wolfram tries to turn the #universe and its #spacetime into a #network of cellular automaton where you just have to say which nodes are connected to which other ones and which nodes behave like what #particles .
. . . .
[1] If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Spacetime-is-a-Network . . . Laws of nature do not exist and can't be found as long as there does not arise an inevitability (necessitation) for that law. That means, sadly, this Network Law does not exist/ the world doesn't need it. (Without necessity reality doesn't form anything - reality is 'lazy' in this sense.) See my paper "The Universe as Manifestation of Sense" (PDF)

5. (inner necessity)
In research scientific questioning and experimental set-ups are about a clash/ inconsistency of explanation and understanding. The experimental set-up has to force a decision by nature what the law actually is and has to exclude a chance for nature to evade.
That means great discoveries need a big conflict, an inner necessity to find a new understanding.
For the Spacetime-is-a-Network theory this inner necessity is hard to see.

6. (quintessence)
The approach "I want to find something great in physics because I want to be a big name in physics" sounds not very enviable. - More clear would be: "No matter what they think of me, here are two facts in physics that do not match. I can't live with it, I have to find out what's wrong there." (Watch out. The Nazis called this approach "Deutsche Physik" and "ehrlich"/ honest.)
At the bottom of his essay Wolfram asks himself on what subject he should work in the furure. - I have not the competence to answer it, I'm not even a mathematician. But what I know is this:
Reality is always fragmented. Truth is always partial truth. Necessity tells what the right thing is: the needful (checked against oneself).
A "UNIFIED THEORY OF EVERYTHING" is vanity (a slogan for a period of time, like "bubble universe" was) and, above all, it is not necessary.
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An answer to Stephen Wolfram's great question
What Is Spacetime, Really?
Whereas on Hacker News they kill everyone whose answer is not math-related,
I think the answer is about #sociology before it can become #physics.
The problem to go new ways in fundamental physics is not, it could become too complicated (it doesn't). The problem is, physicists refuse in general to do so - for ideological, political, racist or otherwise emotional/ psychological reasons. Or for reasons of group dynamics, or they simply don't want to compromise their job/ reputation.
Try, up to what point you can tolerate statements in physics:

The universe is determined in the first place by a simple program called #sense (thinking). Formalisms, equations or a number of lines of code are following tools (to understand, to verify the sense, not to make the sense).

There is no benefit when physicists try to apply the field equations to the #universe as a whole. There isn't any phenomenon in the sky that needs these equations applied to the universe.

The bubble universe (the application of the field equations to the universe) exists only for political reasons. (Einstein, Friedmann etc. - it's not allowed they could be wrong.)

Gravity of the universe does not exist. Since there is no "ouside the universe" gravity can't take effect outwards (this kind of UBERgravity can't exist). - When that is true, this kind of UBERgravity also can't take effect inwards.

Since there is no gravity of the universe thousands of science books are about nonsense (the ΛCDM model).

When you tolerated the points up to here, there are more (and I guarantee, there will emerge points, where your emotional reaction rises to level you stop reading):
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Interstellar space flight under the rule of #singularity
is about carrying genes of the chosen ones to safety.

That's the essence of an analysis I wrote in 2014 about #space #flight.
The project of #interstellar #exodus will not be about "technology that solves every problem and frees man from hard work" but it will be exhausting to death.

The living mankind on #Earth gives up itself and its home #planet to spread the genes of those who planned its demise.
This is hard to understand and must be forced by desperation.
So, in my view, the first and most basic requirement for interstellar space flight is to induce the exceptional situation and existential crisis for #mankind. Purposeful demoralization has to be achieved..
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