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Hello, I am using redmi note 3 and I m on tesla N. I need dual sim dialer like it was on Resurrection Rom marshmallow. Can someone provide me a solution. I tried truecaller but it's a waste it is not fluid and creates more problem than solving.

Is there any chance that dual sim dialer will be included in rom in future build.
If someone with other device have it already please post apk so that I can try replacing mine from system.

I have Redmi note 3 and I used RR-5.7.4 It was best after that I upgraded to RR 5.8.1 and it doesn't have dual sim dialer. Since then I m looking for noughat rom with dual sim dialer.

Is there any possibility of adding dual sim dialer in future builds.
If in some builds or other device builds its already there, please share the dialer apk so that I can use it.
I rely on this feature heavily. I tried other dialers (true caller, True phone) but they all are buggy and create more problem than solving.


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