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Calling for a Nonviolent Global Revolution of Love, to be completed by January 20th, 2017, inauguration day. Massive global collaboration for a world we are proud to bequeath to our children and grandchildren. Let's do this. Who's in?

I had a blast being interviewed on camera by one of my favorite authors, Ramit Sethi.

Here are some topics we covered:

--> The right way to ask for feedback, and the wrong way

--> The crucial difference between people who act on feedback and people who don’t

--> The delicate dance between confidence and feedback – and how to make it improve your confidence rather than detract

--> How to know when you should ignore someone’s advice, vs. listen to it

And we cover this all in just 6 short minutes. I promise it will pep up your Friday :)

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I posted video, downloadable audio and a transcript on my talk at Awesomeness Fest...

How to Connect With Powerful and Influential People

In the space of 26 minutes, I delivered my most tight and condensed lesson on that topic ever--complete with a live demo. A video, plus transcript and audio for download is available through that link.

In this lesson, I make the distinction between "good networking" and "bad networking," and explain exactly what the difference is.

What's more, I actually demo the difference live and unscripted on stage, with a member of the audience. 

Have you ever wondered what a really good networking conversation sounds like? 

Download this to your iPod and learn as you drive, or do errands, or walk around! 


P.S. By the way, next week I'm releasing my biggest training ever--a private course in which I spill all my yet-unpublished secrets about networking and connecting. Be on the lookout for my next post about it. 

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Liberate Yourself From Junk Food Consciousness... 

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How would you like a six-figure career without so much as a college degree?

Linda Sivertsen, aka the "Book Mama," is the latest in a series of solo-preneurs I’ve interviewed for Forbes, who made great careers for themselves without college degrees. She tells us the story of how she hacked her way to a lucrative and exciting career in publishing, without a sheepskin diploma on the wall.

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Michael Ellsberg hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>james altucher

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I admit it: one of my secret fantasies I've been harboring for over a decade has been to be featured in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times; my guilty secret is that it's one of my favorite sections in all of journalism.

Well friends, today that fantasy has arrived! 

The trend of "young entrepreneur dropouts" has been officially stamped as "approved" by the trend-hunting Sunday Styles section of the NYT- and I'm a source in the story, with a couple of choice quotes and commentaries. 

Check out this great article by the venerable Alex Williams, called "Saying No To College" here:

The print version comes out tomorrow. Also featured are +Dale J. Stephens and +Blake Boles (Zero Tuition College).

The revolution continues...

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I'm an Entrepreneur... I Need a Shrink!

(My latest on Forbes)
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