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The challenges of leaving IT… It’s been a year since I wrote part one and I wanted to
follow it up.   Stepping out of the
mainstream of IT has been a risk.   One of
my biggest concerns is no longer being relevant in technology.   IT architecture grows at su...

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Over the past year and half I have had an amazing opportunity to write for several technical sites and publications.  I never considered myself to be an author and my english / spelling skills reflect that (my editors are amazing).  Over the past week two p...

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Why I left IT...
Why I left IT… I have thought about writing this piece for several months
now and its finally time.   Today I am a
college IT instructor teaching VMware, EMC and Microsoft to the next generation
of IT professionals.   Before that I was
an IT architect / adm...

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I only use...
We all have favorite vendors that we like to use.  The vendors that we have embraced are now part of us and we are unlikely to give them up soon.  Recently I was at a Microsoft event and saw the fierce dedication to Hyper-V and intense dislike of VMware.  T...

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I don’t have time for…
In today’s IT world we are under extreme deadlines.  The companies we work for never slow down or
stop growing.  In IT we are under
constant pressure to learn the next thing or be left behind never being able to
catch up.  We often put off things we
want to...

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Hyper-V – It’s good enough…right?

As more of you more to graduation it is amazing to see the skills that you demonstrate...Milwaukee will continue to become a hot spot for IT with you folks leading the way!

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