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Joshua Cripps

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What's up, g+'ers? Today is the last day to submit a photo to the excellent Plus One Project:

My submission:

"Wanaka Dreaming"

Taken at Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand on April 8th, 2012

How far would you go for a tree? I flew halfway around the world for one. If this seems crazy to you please realize that this is no ordinary tree. Nay, it’s the famous Wanaka Willow, quite possibly the coolest tree I’ve seen. It’s like a bonzai on steroids, with gracefully sculpted limbs and the most amazing location ever. Growing directly out of one of the most scenic lakes on the planet, this tree is worth traveling for. Especially in April when the willow’s golden Fall foliage shines brightly against Lake Wanaka’s deep blues.
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Beautiful light :)
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Joshua Cripps

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you want to save some green today, +Jim Patterson and I are offering $50 off any of our 1-Day photography workshops in May with +Sea to Summit Workshops.

We're visiting dramatic Big Sur on May 5th

And then we're photographing the gorgeous Santa Cruz coast on May 6th.

Our price is normally $220 per person, now just $170 for St. Patty's Day. These workshops are a ton of fun and are almost always sold out. If you've been thinking about taking a 'shop, now is a great time to sign up to get a great price. Check out the links above for more info and to register. Offer is good through Sunday, March 18th at noon.
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Joshua Cripps

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For #thirstythursday here's a story about drinking blood.....

“The mosquitoes will eat you alive.”

2011 had been an extremely snowy year in the Sierra and the massive snowpack was keeping the meadows marshy and bugs buggy a full month later than usual. As I chugged my way up the Blue Lake trail into the Eastern Sierras’ Sabrina Basin that refrain kept ringing in my ears and I debated turning back because of the dire warnings.

Yet 45 minutes into the hike I was still bite-free. I began to think the mosquito warnings were just a bit of overblown trail rhetoric, the kind of things you whine and bitch about but really aren’t all that bad. The more I hiked, the more confident I felt that things had been blown out of proportion. “Those foolish people and their mosquito talk, what were they afraid of. Ha ha ha, I’m so cool, and they are not.” And then I decided to stop and check my map.

Like little bloodsucking ninjas, a horde of mozzies swept out of the shadows to inflict bodily harm upon me. Every patch of my exposed skin was a target as they relentlessly swooped in to slurp the blood out of me. There was only one way out of this: keep walking.

But the mosquitoes weren’t going to be fooled that easily. Oh no, they had caught my scent and were sticking to me like tiny bloodhounds. So I fell back on another alternative: DEET, lots and lots of DEET. I imagined I could hear the mosquitoes sizzling and popping whenever they touched down on the chemical death now covering my body. But I didn’t feel any sympathy; quite the opposite: I was almost dancing in my petty triumph.

Over the next few days I fell into a standard routine: walk, DEET, swat. Eventually the mosquitoes and I came to an uneasy truce and they seemed to understand that if they got too close I was going to turn them into mosquito pulp. Soon the bugs stopped bothering me altogether and gave me the freedom to take pictures. Even the occasional sneak attack didn’t rile me up, because I learned a valuable lesson that trip: some views are worth the itch.
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Love the beautiful waterfall and all the tiny flowers surrounding it.The majestic mountains as a backdrop and the beautiful crystal blue sky.Great photograph.
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Joshua Cripps

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For #waterfallwednesday here's one of my favorite shots from last year, taken at Coyote Falls in Coyote Gulch, Utah. A simply astonishing place!
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Absolutely wonderful image. I have enjoyed Utah when we have been able to get there.
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Joshua Cripps

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For #waterwednesday ...
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One of your classics +Joshua Cripps!!!
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Joshua Cripps

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My face is six inches from the tide pool and all I can see through flecks of wind-driven foam is algae and anemonies. Which is a shame because somewhere down there in that watery world are my 2- and 3-stop gnd filters, pulled out of my pocket by a gust of wind and sent skittering into the deep.

I knew the wind was going to be a problem as soon as I got the beach. Curtains of ocean spray were being drawn through the air while bursts of wind threatened to topple both me and my tripod. But I'd fought the wind many times before and I wasn't too worried. I turned my back to it, thinking that simple step would be enough to make for an easy shoot. But the wind had other plans and sent a surprise gust that nearly wrenched my filters out of my hand and sent my backpack tumbling into a nearby tide pool.

Seeing it was going to be a struggle no matter what, I decided to get aggressive. I turned head-on into the wind and brandished my lens wipes like a shield, deflecting and repelling the torrents of salt spray headed my way. It was a hard-fought battle but I managed to keep my filters clean long enough to grab this photo as lightbeams shot up from the clouds and roaring waves sent cascades of water to swirl around my legs.

Thinking I had conquered the elements I stuffed my filters in my pocket and tromped off to find another composition. Then, sticking my hand into my pocket to grab the filters back out, all I felt was air. Some nitrogen, some oxygen, maybe a little pocket lint. But absolutely no filters. Yes, the wind had had its last laugh: taking my filters from me and depositing them somewhere in a thousand square feet of tide pool.

I looked and looked, hunched over and squinting. Peering into the pool from half a foot up I scoured every inch of that tide pool. Nothing. I got out my headlamp and shined it into the shadows. Nothing. The rising tide and relentless wind made it impossible to see into the water for more than a few seconds at a time. My frustrations were mounting and my curses getting louder. But then an abrupt realization: those filters are gone, man. Gone. A peace came over me and I went home, windburned but victorious.

For #waterwednesday
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ohh man !! ... what an experience !
Forget the loss .. you owe it to the wind !!...

Rarely does a man get to experience moments where every bit of his mind is occupied with just one thing ... no other thoughts ... we act as though we are possessed, totally focused only on one thing ...
Such experiences, when looked at in hindsight, can count as the most cherished moments ...
And yes the moment of realization 'its gone, ... gone forever'... actually breaks your heart, leaves a stinging pain...
Its not about money ... we form a bond with objects that we use for making art ...
New filters will do the same job.. but if you find the old ones even in the most wreck state... you'll still keep them.
Take them out on rainy days , look at them and think of the shots that you've made using them ... you will never want to throw them away :)
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Joshua Cripps

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Hey G+'ers! In April I'll be going to New Zealand for a month-long project to photograph the ridiculously amazing South Island. I'm giving away prints from this trip to anyone and everyone who supports to the project. Back the project, and I'll pay you back with sweet, sweet print lovin'.

I already hit my initial funding goal but there's no penalty for going past it. And the more support I generate, the more amazing places I'll be able to see over there, the better my photos will be, and the more you'll love your prints when I get back. It's win-win-win-win!

So if you have a minute to check out the project, you can learn more about me, my photography, the awesomeness that is New Zealand, and how you can help this project succeed.

Thanks, Googlers, and have a fantastic weekend!
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Kim Tan
Dear Joshua, I discovered you by sudden. Is great to know someone like you. Who bring the beauty of the world to our sight, that, we will never see in our lifetime, thanks !!
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Joshua Cripps

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For #thirstythursday here's a shot taken a month ago in Santa Cruz. Now check out +Jim Patterson's shot taken completely independently on a completely different night. Do great minds think alike or what?! :)
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SENSATIONAL!! Brilliant tones!!
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Joshua Cripps

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Here's a fascinating look at the history of copyright and intellectual property and how the original laws were designed to foster creativity and improve the common good through a shared pool of knowledge rather than act as barriers to the creative process as they do now.

Food for thought for you photogs and other artists out there.
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A very good series - good to think about
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Joshua Cripps

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For #mountainmonday here's a never-before-seen shot of Picture Peak and Moonlight Lake in the Sabrina Basin of the Eastern Sierras. Enjoy!
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Aww beautiful !!! And what women has not dreamed of such a place. Excellent photograph
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