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I'm not clear on how the rules for interacting with entities of different scale work with opposed rolls?

For example, let's say a ursoid (large) gets into a bar fight with a human (medium scale). They both have Average (+2) skill in Unarmed Combat. When the human attacks the ursoid, it's clear to me that he gets a +2 to bonus to his roll. But what about the ursoid's roll to defend? Is that considered an interaction that incurs a -2 penalty? If so, the human is rolling at +4 and the ursoid at +0, which is a huge disparity. This would end up with the ursoid getting smacked around by the puny human, never able to land a blow himself, which doesn't make much sense.

So does the scale bonus/penalty apply only to attacks, or to both attack and defense?

I'm new to Mindjammer (and FATE to some degree) and slowly making my way through the book. It's really impressive so far. I do have some questions, however, and I'm hoping this community can provide some input.

First one: I noticed that the Fight skill has been split into Melee Combat and Unarmed Combat. Does anyone know the intent behind this? Do most of you stick with this split, or are some of you just using a close-quarters Fight skill to keep it simple?
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