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Home Maintenance
Our cement patio was surrounded by a wood panel topped with large, tinted panes of glass.  Originally placed to cut the wind flow in the seating area, I presume.  However, the patio slopes away from the house and the lawn slopes toward the patio, leading to...

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Perfect Imperfection
We had another amazing Regional Convention this past weekend.  We are newly determined to be loyal and strong, and focus on what is truly important!   After being away for most of four days, though, we were all so glad to get home.  We found ripe strawberri...

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Mid June
The rose garden is a lovely place to bring the laptop out and work for awhile.  Ry is always pleased as punch to do some programming alongside his Daddy! Searching for honeyberries A morning with a book and my flowers for a view Finishing up supper dishes R...

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June GardenC, in Pictures
Strawberries and asparagus Cucumber Garage Baby pears Moveable herb garden Evans cherries Something has been nibbling the beans!

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Patterns and sorting practice At our last homeschooling get-together, friends gifted us with an overflowing laundry basket full of the coolest games, books and educational stuff they had grown out of.  Rz and I have been delighted to try out these new thing...

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A New Summer
J in the Rose Garden J has done his share of eye-rolling when I want to plant more flowers.  He prefers edible things.  This year the rose garden has exploded with flowers, and even my practical husband has enjoyed himself out there! Thrift Store Find  I we...

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It's a Riot!
I am not a tidy gardener.  The more varieties, the better, and I love finding new botanical treasures every day in this crazy, wild flower garden of ours.  Nothing makes me happier than peering into the space and seeing sparrows hopping and darting, bees bu...

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Another Week at Our House
Lady's Mantle after the rain. Kia finishes off her grade 4 spelling for the year under the shade of the apple tree. Ry completing a geometry unit. Bees in the rose garden. This dandelion control method may be natural, but it's not that effective! Monkey Mon...

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Last Weekend in May
We started our Saturday out in the ministry.  We got to try cart witnessing at the park and started the convention invitation work. Above you see perennial sweet rocket.  Ever since this stuff came up this spring I've been trying to remember what it is!  I ...

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Beautifully Ordinary
May moves along inexorably.  I've become fascinated by hosta plants, but our site is so sunny that I've never found a spot for them.  (The east side of the house is permanently gloomy from the ancient spruce trees that tower over the house, sucking up all m...
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