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Alan Berkson
Business Strategist, Analyst, Blogger. Lover of good questions.
Business Strategist, Analyst, Blogger. Lover of good questions.

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Finishing the topic list for today's Pardon My Disruption. Pokemon GO, Microsoft/LinkedIn, Apple's WWDC, and we're just scratching the surface. Join us live today at noon eastern at the Stamford Innovation Center or watch at

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Dear Ted Cruz:

Because I'm from New York

I know what you mean when you talk about New York values.
You know I know what you mean;
And I know you know I know what you mean.
And that's just mean.

Stereotypes exist for a reason
But no one person is a stereotype.

I walk fast and talk faster.
I'm walking to get somewhere to do something worthwhile;
I'm talking to help, humor and heal.

You'd rather divide and subtract to get less.
I'm really good at math,
and I'd rather add and multiply to create more.

There's more value in that.

Those are the values I value

Because I'm from New York.

-A. Berkson

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I am honored and excited to speaking at the inaugural TEDxTarrytownWomen event on May 28th in Tarrytown, NY. If you've always wanted to see TED talks live this is a great opportunity to have the TED experience. There will be local speakers and they will be streaming live from the TEDWomen event in California as well. Seating is limited so sign up soon.

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Pardon My Disruption live today at noon eastern. Alan Berkson and I will be talking all things technology in person at the Stamford Innovation Center or online live at .

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Live from +Stamford Innovation Center   , join +Jonathan Yarmis  aka Dr. Disruptive and +Alan Berkson as they discuss the technology news of the day and the mega-trends. 


Pierre de Fermat postulated that no three positive integers a, b, and c can satisfy the equation a↑n + b↑n = c↑n for any integer value of n greater than two. It took 358 years to prove it.

Here's one for all y'all: Berkson's Drug Theorem

There exists a number n for any ailment such that the drug you take for it will have side effects such that drug(1) relieves the ailment, drug(2) relieves side effect(1), drug(3) relieves side effect(2)...drug(n) relieves side effect(n-1) where side effect(n) is your original ailment for any value of n greater than two.

There is a clever proof for it, but I don't have space to write it here.

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This one's got me thinking. As a society (or at least the circles I run in) we're obsessed with concepts like "innovation" and "fail fast" and "fail forward."

I remember when I worked at Lehman Brothers there was a period of time where it was owned by American Express. Amex had a grant program where they would give someone money to work on an idea. The catch? The idea had to have little or no chance of being immediately commercially viable. They wanted people to really reach and follow their passion.

Kids never consider their ideas or dreams within the crucible of commercial viability, or even reality for that matter. Our creativity has no bounds or restrictions. So the idea of adults looking at stupid ideas has some merit.

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