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to those who have hurt me: Thank You
To those who have hurt me: Thank You.  To the friends who have walked out of my life without a word, to the boys who have lost interest and broken my heart, to the family members who haven't spoken a word in months, to the strangers who have tried to put me...

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A Call To Action
As I watch the world
continue to get worse by the hour I stand by in shock. Not in shock of the
sin our world has accepted as the new normal, but in shock of the reaction to
the sin.   Or lack of reaction. Where are the
Christians who are willing to fight f...

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"I Forgive You"
June 17 th ,
2015 will not be a day any of us soon forget. Many are asking the
questions; Why did God sit silently and watch as Dylann Roof entered Emanuel AME
Church and violently murdered 9 church members? Couldn’t He have stopped the
21-year-old man from...

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"Why Are You Here?"
When people ask me why I’m spending my summer in a country
1,500 miles away from home, I honestly don’t have an answer. Maybe I’m just
crazy or maybe it’s the part of me that loves to travel and see new things,
regardless on July 5 th I set out on a month l...

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Would somebody please go back to Central America with me. Like right now. 

Who's going back to Central America in December???
I'm so excited to be going back!

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The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.
Psalm 19:1

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Because poor little Gracie was cut out of the team picture, lets all take a moment and stare at her adorable turtle face.
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